At least he knows his shapes.

I was putting in my contacts this morning and Ian came into the bathroom.

“Claudia’s sad.” he said.

This was obvious to me, as I could hear her screaming from the living room. She had been sccreaming on and off all morning, so I wasn’t too worried about her being hurt. She was just in a really bad mood. I asked anyway “Why is she sad?”

“Because” (this may currently be Ian’s favorite word) and this is where the conversation gets confusing “this hexagon is red”.

Yes. My two year old just told me that his twin sister was sad because his hexagon was red. Now, you should know that he was indeed holding a red hexagon. I was impressed that he got it right. On the other hand how does the redness of a shape make someone sad? The boy makes no sense.
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  1. Smart boy. I’m not sure if I know what a hexagon is.

  2. Seriously – it would be enough to set Morgan off. I think it’s called 2-1/2.

  3. Never underestimate the connection between twins, I’ve seen it myself many, many times. If that’s what he says is bothering her, then he’s probably right…

    That or he said something to make her upset, which is also something I have seen many, many times.

  4. I would say the one who is upset about the red hexagon is the one who doesn’t make sense.

  5. If Claudia is anything like The Screamer (and we know she is), it was EXACTLY the redness of the hexagon that made her upset.

  6. ok, that is funny.

    but Ian’s comment sounds like some cryptic line from a horror film, right around the lines of “red rum” and “we all float down here.” can’t you just see it, “the hexagon is red” yep, i am freaked out just thinking about it.

    maybe he took the red hexagon from her?

  7. just be glad she wasn’t crying about it being blue, anti-red is the thing right now

  8. I know when I am cranky, red hexagons really piss me off.

  9. That would be enough to set Kat off as well. Major kudos to the hexagon knowledge. Most impressive. My 3yo’s are still trying to get “triangle”. Twins are interesting to say the least. At least Kat was upset (read screaming and crying too) because I made her get up and get dressed for school.

  10. Oh I TOTALLY believe Ian.

    I bet it was that the hexagon is red.

    Or…not having power and authority that holding the red hexagon brings.

    That would set off my two year old.

    Wait, what am I saying. It would set off my five year old.

    Who stumped me with parallelogram. At two.

    So I feel for you. I do.

    Very cool that he knows his hexagons.

    In our case, I credit Baby Einstein.

    And for the record, I let my kids eat raw batter and sit on the counter as well as watch TV. 😉

    In the end, I’m sure the warmth of the joy of eating batter and making brownies and learning about parallelograms will far outlive the risk of salmonella and difficulty processing outside of two-D.

    Kidding. Mostly. 😉

  11. I think we have that same red hexagon at our house.

    But what if it was green? Can you imagine the horror?

  12. Just typing the word “red hexagon” sends me in to a fit of rage.

  13. I am killing myself laughing over here. Because that would definitely send my two into a nasty, nasty tailspin.

  14. Hmmm and here I was just thinking, this is probably the begining of the rest of his life of thinking a woman is upset for the wrong reason. But that’s just me.

  15. Was it bleeding? Is she a pacifist?

  16. Rainman. If he was older, he would get along quite well with my rainman.

  17. We just went through election season and you’re wondering how something being red could piss Claudia off? She’s already been in DC too long!!

  18. Maybe she accidentally called it a pentagon and when he corrected her, she lost it.

  19. OK, this may be a stupid question, but what does a hexagon look like again?

    (This isn’t the first time a 2 year old has known more than I do.)

  20. I’d take “red hexagon” over “red rum” any day. True.

  21. fucking kids. the randomness of life is reality to them. 😉

  22. Sounds advanced to be a two year old. I barely know what a hexagon is. My son is 2 years 8 months but doesn’t speak like that. To his defense I will say that’s he’s learning three languages at once which probably slows him down a bit.


  23. I just saw a piece on Sesame Street using red hexagons. Is there some Elmo-inspired plot brewing?

  24. Elmo- Red
    Hexagon- Red


  25. Okay, I’m dying for some closure on this issue. What happened over the weekend? Were there more infuriating red hexagons introduced? Did any non-red hexagons come onto the scene to soothe matters? Was it the redness of the hexagon that saddened Claudia, or the hexagon itself? Is she now angered by stop signs, or do the additional two sides make everything okay?

  26. LOL – how could she be sad, indeed! I’m totally amused…

  27. Chase Peeler says:

    my four year old cousin told me that the pokemon movie was stupid

    When I asked him why, he said (at least from what I could gather) “the grey mouse has white eyes”

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