…and THAT is what broke baby bird’s balloon.

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  1. I think a really absorbant PAD would have been even worse.

    But you might have waddled like a duck, which would’ve been funny.

  2. Your husband is not very nice for laughing at you during that incident. tee hee….Did he at least get you another beer?

    (My husband would have laughed and made a snide remark too)

  3. Your Mother says:

    What very nice chair…………..?

  4. Hey, you’ve been reading “The B Book”! Were there any beautiful baboons blowing bubbles biking backwards when you spilled the beer? This might be one of those times when no photo is necessary :)

  5. I would say “poor you,” but what I really mean is “poor us,” because we can’t get a picture.

    Wait, no. I’m getting a mental picture, and I think it’s probably just as funny.

  6. I’m gonna buy a camera for Gabe. Cuz you KNOW this won’t be the last time this happens.

  7. think of it as a little bit of beer for da homies……

    it just went on you and the chair vs the floor. next time aim for the mouth 😉

  8. Sorry Sarah…
    I’m laughing at you right now too!

  9. Your vulva was thirsty.

  10. I believe we used to call that a party foul and/or alcohol abuse. My husband would have tried to save the beer then start laughing. That is, if he knew you and knew you wouldn’t kick his arse for what would seem like a tackler coming at ya. Ya know.

  11. Sarah I am very sorry to say that I laughed, too. Had I been there, I would have been laughing while on my way into the kitchen to get you a towel to help clean up the mess.

    My husband also laughs at me when I spill something on myself. This happens frequently, so I am getting used to it. And, the incidences of spillage will increase as my stomach gets bigger with baby #2.

  12. It would only be fitting if you had several of the very good dark expensive beers before this last one and were completely wasted. But as the sober sister? Yeah, that sucks.

  13. Do you want to know what sucks worse than spilling your last dark expensive special holiday beer in your lap in your nicest chair while your husband is watching and laughing at you?

    Reading a post about your friend spilling her last dark expensive special holiday beer in her lap in her nicest chair while her husband is watching and laughing at her – and wishing that you could have been there to drink some special holiday beer and laugh at her too.

    Actually, reading the post didn’t suck. It was quite a fun read. Nice parody.

  14. LOL…I think I might send you a camera…

  15. was it SNC still? I’ve got a list of yummy ones so far this year, I should update my beer listings.

  16. Over dinner last night Bump said, “I thought that post was really funny, until I got to the part about the pantiliner. Then I got a little uncomfortable.”

    A different kind of uncomfortable than the one you were feeling, I’m guessing, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

  17. Yeah, I was afraid the guys would feel uncomfortable… but not NEARLY as uncomfotable as I was.

    I had originally planned on exaggerating it up to a pad, but I thought it would freak people out.

  18. I can see the advantage of using pantiliners. They will stay in place as opposed to a napkin which would end up wrapped around the bottle. You are a genious!

    Oh wait, I bet you were’t using the pantiliner as a coaster, were you? My bad.

  19. Was it an Anchor Steam Christmas ale? I love that stuff. I’m going to make run to the mega-liquor store and see if the ’06 is in yet.

  20. OH my lord that’s priceless!! HAHAHAHHAH! The pantyliner bit made me choke on iced tea. LMAO

  21. Oh, I am so sorry. need me to bring over some beer? 😉

  22. yeah where are the guy comments?

  23. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! LOVE. IT.

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