The boy isn’t right.

Ian just brought me a block.

“We need to wash it.”

I said “We need to wash it? Why? What’s on it?”

“Poop.” He said.

“POOP?” I’m picturing something unspeakable going on five feet to my right as I was paying bills.

“No.” Ian said. “It’s just throw up.”

At this point I put aside all of the bills and the laptop to jump up and wash the block. The cats have been having a rough day.

It wasn’t vomit OR poop. (My best guess would be banana.) I have no idea where he came up with that. I know he really likes washing things in the sink and it certainly got my attention.

Maybe it is time to teach him how to do dishes. You know, just the plastic stuff. If I wasn’t afraid to let him be alone in the kitchen it could really cut back on my workload.

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  1. Ian and Mia need to team up. She’s uber-tidy. She has her own little broom and everything. Last night, she helped Beth push the vacuum cleaner. We’re planning on milking this for all its worth.

  2. I love that “it’s just throw-up” makes it better then poop.

    Like, no, I didn’t crap on it…I just puked. No worries, mom. Everything’s cool.

  3. My brothers used to wipe things on me and shout “Boogers!” than laugh. I got desensitized after awhile. Then they really did wipe a booger on me. Kids are scary smart girl.

  4. I was rooting for it to be poop…….but I don’t know why.
    I was just remembering back to when some kids I used to baby sit pooped down the register……and well……I wanted someone else to feel similar joy.

  5. To be honest I don’t know if I could have cleaned it thinking it was either poop or puke. Those words automatically make it a garbage toy. Much less get close enough to it to determine it was banana. Mothhood is going to be very very tough on my very very weak stomach.

  6. I meant to say motherhood and not mothhood.

  7. My Mom has Michael Jr. making Muffins with her. He could help, although, I am not responsible for any messes that are too big for Ian to clean up!

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