Dolca Anyone?

My real life friend, Michelle, has started distributing Dolca shoes and clothes in the United States. I just got these outfits from her.

Michelle’s son was born four days before The Goon Squad. We spent a lot of time waddling around Tampa together hugely pregnant. When I got stuck in the hospital with preterm labor and Michelle would come visit me in the perinatal unit the nursing staff kept thinking that she was me trying to escape.

Claudia Dolca

Go visit Dolca USA and if you use the code gsquad Michelle will give you 10% off.

Dolca has been featured on Cool Mom Picks. Actually, you can go over there now and enter a contest to win a free dress or backpack.

The shoes in this photo are not Dolca Shoes.
(* This is an unpaid advertisement. I mean, looks at how cute the little flower dress is! In the interest of full disclosure, Michelle did send me the clothes for free, but in all honesty she knows that if she has another baby she is in line for my hand-me-downs.)

Also, look at this insanely cute picture of my kids kissing each other.


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  1. Adorable. I love the shoes!!!!

  2. wicked cute as we say in Massachusetts. All I can find is a link to buy shoes. What about the dress? Must. buy. dress. for. sister’s. baby.

  3. For the dresses e-mail Michelle at

  4. Awww. Cute clothes…and cute pictures!!

  5. Thanks for the mention Sarah! Pregnancy wouldn’t have been the same without you, I loved having someone to complain with and don’t forget when I called you during one of my lamaze classes after laughing too hard….

    Anyone who would like any Dolca items can find a store near you on the Stores link of or just call or email me directly and I will hook you up! Thanks again!

  6. That first picture of Claudia is amazing.

  7. oh and don’t forget how we worked out at Shapes throughout the pregnancy 😉

    Swimming laps and all…..

    ha ha!


  9. I adore that dress and the tights…I will have to go there now. Thanks Sarah. I’m always looking for cool different stuff in the way of clothes.

  10. such cuteness! The kids! The clothes!

  11. How cute!! They look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book.

  12. precious. all of it. esp that first picture.

  13. How did I not know this is your friend! I LOVE Michelle and I love Dolca. It’s been one of the most successful reviews we ever did, just judging from the number of entries for the giveaway she did on Cool Mom Picks.

    Your kids are adorable with or without the cute clothes.

  14. Awww…so cute! And the clothes aren’t too shabby either :)

  15. Very cute clothing!


  16. Oh thanks SO much for making my ovaries yearn for a little girl. Too bad Daren is neutered. (Actually, not too-bad, but still…how freaking cute are those clothes???)

  17. Those clothes are really cute. And the kids are ADORABLE. Kissing each other…how sweet. If my kids reach that proximity to one another, there is pain involved.

  18. Very cute! I just love kids..and both here are so damn cute!

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