This One is For All You Pregnant People

I don’t know if it is because my kids are two, or if it is because I am 33, or if there is just some sort of baby boom going on right now, but I know a ton of women who are currently pregnant.

This phenomenon has me thinking about what it was like when I was pregnant with The Goon Squad. I had two really bad aversions. One was to the smell of cinnamon. The other one was the smell of sponge. You know what I am talking about? I must have gone through thirty sponges thinking they were rotten. I think it was the sponge itself.

I craved pineapple. I honestly are an entire fresh pineapple every two days. It is kind of disturbing if you really think about how much fruit that actually is.
The whole Spongebob thing is a total coincidence.

I think.

I know people who couldn’t even go near the deli counter in the grocery store because the smell of lunch meat made them so ill. My Mom couldn’t stand the smell of food being grilled. What did you (or your wife) crave and/or have aversions to during pregnancy?

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  1. I am 7 weeks pregnant and can’t stand the smell or taste of practically ANYTHING! I used to love Fruit Punch Powerade and now I can’t look at the bottle and I get sick to my stomach at the smell of anything sweet like gum, candy, juice, etc. Can’t even stand the smell of clean laundry! If you can imagine, my diet is very limited now to saltines and gingerale!

  2. Well i was pregnant about 3 months ago and i m/c. I think i could be now though and i mean big time. I have been almost in tears over wanting some orange juice constanly and milk milk milk, and i know what they are saying about the pineapple i just got chills (the good kind) thinking about cold diced pineapple. The weid thing is that i have to have whole milk when i normally drink 2% and i have to have orange juice on ice ( yuk then…yuuummmmmo now) and fruit is awsome..but just almost gaged thinking about mixing them for fruit cocktail..and i want peaches but i think i will be sick if they are diced instead of sliced…dont ask!I need to test…seriously this is getting out of hand! lol

  3. C-O-R-N. I am 7 weeks prego with #2 and all I want is corn. I love the smell of fresh sweet corn. I wonder if they make a corn scented candle. Last week my husband sat slack jawed as i single handedly ate half a loaf of bread with a pint of icey milk then asked him to get me some corn.

    Oh, aversions…i’m heaving typing this….yellow/orange nasty melty cheese…omg brb

    okay…im gonna go eat some corn now.

  4. When I was pregnant with my son, I craved onions, when I couldn’t stand onions before. Another big one was macaroni and cheese, but it had the be the powdered cheese that you add your own milk and butter. The creamy cheese out of the package made me sick. Also, I liked eating dill pickles while drinking chocolate milk.

    Aversions were coffee, pizza, spaghetti, basically anything with red tomato sauce.

    Now I think I’m pregnant again and I can’t get enough milk, and i’ve been making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with plain chex cereal on them… yummy!

  5. I am currently pregnant and I cannot stand milk. I am craving any type of fruit, chicken, tamales, and brownies. I also really enjoy orange-strawberry gatorade.

  6. The only thing I’ve really been craving is Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, which is weird considering I’ve been a vegetarian for years. I went out last night and bought some veggie “ham” … I’m hoping that will satisfy the craving!

    I really haven’t had any food aversions, but smells are terrible. Just walking into a room that smells different than the one I was just in makes me gag … doesn’t matter what it smells like. And people’s breath – oh my gosh! I feel terrible for the husband when he’s wanting to cuddle and I’m retching because he “smells funny”.

  7. With my first pregnancy, I craved Spaghetti O’s. I ate them right out of the can. Oh, and pop. Lots of pop. This time, I’m craving V8 with Texas Pete or Tabasco. Like a virgin bloody mary of sorts….. :)
    With my first pregnancy, I had a strong sense of smell. I hated the way a co-worker smelled (like dry dog food) and I complained so much that they talked to him about hygiene. (He really needed it….I have witnesses..)
    This time, I just can’t take gross stories, shows, or ideas. Queasy!!!!

  8. iwannababy says:

    omg! i cant wait till i get pregnant and want to eat wierd things!

  9. hey there i have 3 children and all my cravings were different with each of them
    1st was coffee granuals and salad cream ( would have been great i guess but it used to make me chuck ) but yet i still craved it. 2nd child was polo’s sending me other half out at 3 in the morning for a pack of polos and onion barjis
    and my last little one was white chocolate and ketchup and of course talc hmmmm yum … not hehehe the thin pregnancy makes us women do hey

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