The Problem With Vacation

Besides the obvious fact that I haven’t been posting with any regularity whatsoever, my biggest problem with being on vacation is that I can’t seem to stop eating.

Actually eating and drinking.

I know that Thanksgiving is a big food holiday, but that was almost a week ago. Ick. All my clothes feel too tight. It is like when we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and dress I brought for the formal dinner fit great on Tuesday and was embarrassingly snug for Friday night. Yes, I have been eating and drinking like I was on a cruise.

The shame.

The bloating.

And it isn’t over yet. I still have a date for drinks with Izzy and tonight I’m on my way to Ft. Lauderdale to eat and drink with an old roommate.

Maybe I’ll buy some bigger jeans while I’m down there.

So right, the problem with vacation is the general lethargy, the rapid weight gain and I miss my cats and my in-laws (What kind of freak show misses their in-laws when they haven’t seen them in 10 days? Apparently me. I realize that this is not normal, but I’m okay with it.)

Of course I also miss my TiVO. How am I supposed to watch a football game or a Top Chef marathon The History Channel without being able to rewind, pause or fast forward through the commercials like some commoner?

The good part about vacation is that sometimes I get to sleep in (I just send Ian down the hall to Grandma’s room if she doesn’t have to work that day) and the good food, beer and wine. And now we’ve come full circle. See the problem?

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  1. I’d miss your in-laws, too. They’re kind of hot.

  2. Have a drink-o for me would ya….Oh heck, may I’ll have one for YOU tonight…Have fun.

  3. WINE AND BEER!!! Hand crafted beer made in local breweries….lalalalalala

    Sorry. Momentary lapse of reason. (You did get that, right?)

    You can always come to my house to enjoy TiVo. As for the the eating issue, I’m partially giving up until all these silly relatives (Matt’s) with their yummy food stuffs leave. Then, I’ll be good again…right after I get through the withdrawls.
    So, I say, endulge, drink and be merry…if you need a partner in crime, I can easily fit you into my schedule!!!

  4. Give Izzy a big smooch for me, will ya? Have fun!

    And I’m right there with you on the post-Thanksgiving bloating. Ugh.

  5. Yes, I have the exact same problem. Stupid tight clothes. Dammit. And I went to the gym this morning (I’m back in town, obviously), and it SUCKED. Bleh.

  6. So I’m not the only one wearing sweats out in public these days? I mean, around the house is totally acceptable, but in public? Ehh… screw it, I make these sweats look hot.

  7. See, so many people think that bloggers are too into navel gazing to appreciate true suffering. But that’s simply not true! One of the reasons I go on vacation is so I can suffer a bit and renew my keen sense of gratitude for the things I have, such as a great deal of mileage between me and my in-laws. For you, however, this gratitude could extend to other things, such as TiVO. :)

  8. Are you heading up to O-Town during this vacation? I would love to help you with this food thing by taking you where I took the Queen of Spain. You like ribs, right?


  9. can i just say that i’m happy to hear someone else is gaining weight? sarah i’ve already gained 7 lbs and it’s only week 10. of course i’m blaming thanksgiving…

  10. My closthes feel too tight, too. I’m going to have to actually exercise.

  11. So your eating and drinking excessively…what’s the problem again??

  12. Thanks for the reminder that I need to actually STOP at some point.

  13. Would you believe one of my bosses was recently on one of those celebrity chef shows?

  14. How about some workouts during vacation since u have some extra time? Running with/without the kids works just fine I’ve yet to go on a vacation where I didn’t loose weight. And I eat like a horse and average at least 5 beers a day on a slow day. It’s odd but I just can’t keep the weight on whatever I do. I’m not being ironic and I pls don’t kill me….


  15. Paddle Fish. Have you ever seen one? The mouth on a Paddle Fish is as large as the head and they swim thru the water with their mouth agape while everything in their path just gets sucked into the opening. This is how they eat, they open wide and go.

    Yes, I admit it. I am a human paddlefish. I’m not proud. I just wish I lived in water so I could swim off some of this food that keeps falling into me.

  16. I think it’s sweet that you miss your in-laws. It balances mine out a little.

    As for the eating… yeah. Bring on the fat pants.

  17. Drink! Eat! This is the point of vacations. Otherwise, how will you be able to join us all int he post holiday guilt?

    Come on!

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