Now I’ve Seen Everything Vol. 3

While I was driving from Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa on I-75 earlier today I saw a dead alligator on the side of the road. It really appeared as if someone ran into it. Can you even imagine how strange it would be to hit an alligator with your car? Nobody would even believe you. I wasn’t even on the part of 75 that they call “Alligator Alley”, I was way up almost to Sarasota.Alligator Alley Sign

I hope I never break down near there.

A Short List of Things I Learned on this Trip:

1. It is best to charge your new iPod before you go on a five hour road trip all by yourself. If you cannot remember to do this, it helps if you can remeber to take your charger out of your car and put it into your mother’s car (assuming, of course that you are driving your mother’s car). Otherwise you get stuck listening to the suck ass radio.

2. Surprisingly I know almost all of the lyrics to “You Are the Sun, You Are the Rain”. (I learned this as a direct result of #1.)

3. Wimauma, Florida has it’s own Convention Center.

4. If you are trying to write down of all of the things that you want to write about for your next post by making a list in your Palm Pilot every time you stop, you will hit a lot more green lights than usual.

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  1. 5. Saying “Wimauma” over and over really fast is a great way to pass the time when your ipod is rendered unavailable.

  2. Oh man I’d kill for a five hour road trip by myself. Although I’ll take note about your IPod battery thing.

  3. Three words – Sirius. Satellite. Radio.

  4. I saw a dead baby alligator the other day!

    We gave it a thump for good measure (with our car, of course)

  5. Road trip. Now that sounds like fun. Even in silence.

  6. Ick. Alligators scare me. I’ve never seen a live one, and I hate them so much I can’t even touch a picture of one. I’m that creeped out.

    I know. I’m a wuss.

  7. Have you heard the latest alligator story out of Florida. Some drug addict in Polk County decided to strip naked and go for a swim in a lake in Lakeland at 4:00 am. An alligator tried to eat him. He has several broken bones and has lost an arm but four deputies jumped in and saved his life.

  8. Great, now I’ve got Lionel Richie in my head. But instead of looking like himself, he’s taken the form of a vapid, anorexic blonde.

    This foolish game indeed.

  9. Drat! I can’t believe I’m missing out on Irish pub time with you and Izzy tonight. There’s no justice.

  10. I actually did hit an alligator with my car on McNab road at 3AM coming home drunk from a club many years ago. I still have the vision in my head. It was great seeing you- glad you had an interesting drive back!

  11. I will DEFINITELY be up for some Irish Pub time myself…on Friday. Stupid Work! This week has been nothing short of a P-I-T-A.
    I forgot when you’re leaving for home but, give me a call if you have some free time (and a get out of jail free card) before you leave.

  12. that is definitely true about the green light thing. i’ve even found that if i’m cagey enough (very cagey indeed) i can effect change in my drive by creating something to need to do at green lights.

    this doesn’t work as well when you need the red lights to do something for your kid in the back seat. or, rather, it still works (ie, no red lights) but then someone in the car starts screaming, thus cancelling out the goodness of the no red lights.

  13. The lessons we learn from iPods make it all the more likely that we won’t make the same mistake twice

  14. As I am sitting here freezing my @** off watching the snow fall out my window. I look at the green in your photograph and wish for warm weather (but not enough to endure alligators thank you very much.)

  15. I’m glad you were down long enough to enjoy the fabulous weather we’ve been having. Man, it’s awesome right now.

    I hope you had a great vacation!

  16. Alligators are one of the scariest things ever (right behind Paris Hilton and Bill O’Reilly).

  17. That’s so funny, I did that very drive just before Thanksgiving. For some reason I was thinking it was 3 hours, the same as Orlando to Lauderdale. Funny how it’s not. Funny how it’s especially not with a 16 month old in the car. We didn’t see any dead aligators but we did see some scary looking McDonalds at the rest stops. Almost the same thing?

  18. Yet another plus to living in Michigan-I am NEVER going to hit an alligator with my car.

    But then again, I don’t get to have drinks with you and the Florida posse, so wah.

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