It is Nature Not Nurture – I Have Proof

My boy/girl twins share almost all of their toys. One of the things they have is a huge doll house that Gabe found for them at our neighbor’s garage sale. Claudia plays with the doll house and the people that came with it all of the time. Ian plays with occasionally. Here is where the gender thing comes in.

When Claudia plays with the doll house she makes the people have birthday parties and family dinners and sometimes they go the grocery store.

When Ian plays with the doll house he makes the Daddy stand in front of the refrigerator and look for something to eat until someone tells him to stop. Then later the kids and the Daddy jump off of the roof.

I am not lying or exaggerating. I have never ever seen Gabe jump off of our roof either. Not even when we lived in a one story house.

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  1. omigosh! hilarious!

  2. That is so funny and cute how they roleplay. I have a meathead I guess, he is all about hot wheels 24/7. Then again all his other toys are in storage.

  3. I’ve been taking Raisin to a playgroup once a week. Most of the other kids are boys, and the other girls are mostly too young to play with Raisin.

    They all love to play with the dolls, but the boys almost always chase each other around with the strollers, while Raisin rescues as many of the poor dollies as she can and hides them in the playhouse.

  4. i have seen gabe jump off the roof

  5. We have a one story house. I’ve seen people pee off the roof. Men people, not women people. Ian might like to know that.

  6. Omg, that is too too funny! All those psychologists and scientists doing studies on Nature/Nurture? They should have just talked to a Mom of twins.

  7. It’s nature at our house, too.

    We have toys that are all common property, yet Tanner always prefers to play with the cars & stuff – Morgan prefers the dolls and is constantly mothering them. (And, Tanner.) She’s always tucking them in, showing them things, etc. Tanner is running over their heads with the cars.

  8. Does Gabe stand in front of the refridgerator until someone tells him to stop?

    We also noticed the same thing when Justin was little & went to playgroup.

  9. Remind me to look up before going too close to Alison’s house.

  10. Maybe he jumps when you are out dranking with the gals??? tee hee

  11. Haha! Does that mean you spend all your time planning birthday parties and dinners and telling Gabe not to stand in front of the refrigerator?

  12. Hahaha!! Sometimes I think John *wants* to jump off the roof. But that’s a whole different conversation.

    As for nature vs. nurture – I’m with you – it’s nature all the way.

  13. that is hilarious. kids are so funny.

    We don’t have a dollhouse, but Jocelyn loves her dollies. And she is constantly telling them. “NO. You go sit in TIME OUT.”

  14. Well, i have a 2 year old daughter and a 3 month old son. This post brought to mind how anxious I am to see what the differences in their personalities will be when he really starts to develop into his own.

  15. Maybe Gabe was waiting for the kids to get older? Just don’t buy a trampoline, Ian might get more ideas.

  16. That’s funny! I don’t have girls, so no comparisons, but I do have a friend who told me that she didn’t allow her boys to have toy guns, and they used their sisters’ naked Barbies as guns… so I’m inclined to believe!

  17. That is nothing remotely near proof. Nurture can come from anything from your household, friends, the media, religion, etc. There are so many places where your son could have picked up the idea that people should jump off the roof or that it is cool to do so. Just think about what he watches on television(cool, brave, manly superheroes, like Spiderman flying from building to building) Tell me he hasn’t been influenced by any of those things and I’ll believe Nature over Nurture.

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