Randomness Part 59

This video makes me wish we had two more kids. Seriously, can I borrow two of your offspring to form an Iron Maiden cover band? We’ll call it Children of the Damned. (Thanks, Markkkk)

Wii Have a Problem. (Thanks Frank Sucks)
I got a hit from this search last week: “When I am using the bathroom it really hurts.” I feel really bad for this person, but if I would like to suggest to all of you that if it really hurts when you go to the bathroom the correct response would be to go see your doctor and not google searching it. Okay? Can we all agree on this?

I got another hit with this question: “When you sniff anti depressants what does it do to you [sic]”. Assuming you mean snort, I don’t know. I’m going to guess make you less depressed faster. If you just smell them nothing happens.

Any other questions?

Oh, and one more thing – I just stole this from Roger, because how often do you see a billboard that reads “Chlamydia Capital of Canada. Woo Hoo. Get Tested. It’s as easy as 1-2-Pee”?

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  1. I can only offer one, the one who will sing, dance and in general add a bit of cool to a rock band. However, I’ll confess she mainly sings “Twinkle” and “A-B-C” and her favorite song is “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” or WTFever it’s called.

    The other one would just stand and look sullen, as only 5-going-on-15 can do.


    Can I change my mind? Give back the two year old and use the 5 year old. Sullen. Rock band. DUH! of course.


    One other question: rochambeau or paper-scissors-rock?

  2. You can have mine, I’m sure Ritch won’t mind. My kids sing Iron Maiden songs anyway. Make sure they do the dinosaur song, I know it’s your favorite.

  3. Maybe sniffing anti depressants dulls the pain of going to the bathroom.

  4. 1.2.Pee…How many Google searches you gonna get from that one now???

    I love that BAND!!!!

  5. I am sorely disappointed that you did not bestow a crappy Regina/Vagina joke upon us.

    *shakes head*

  6. I think the little girl lip-synching along is my favorite. I’ll volunteer Corey for the band, but he’s probably more into folk since his moms listen to Indigo Girls. (sterotypical lesbians.)

  7. I give you mine, but he’d want to bring his gun. So fun meeting you last night!!

  8. You can totally have mine. Although they are not into the metal. I’m sure than can be lured easily with candy and cakes.

  9. I’ll be sending mine out right away. They’ve been indoctrinated into the Iron Maiden scene by their father.

    Matter of fact, I’ll ship him, too. Just to help out, mind you.

  10. Back when we were heading through Taupo, we picked up a free local paper, and it talked about how the town was facing an STD epidemic. I forgot which one it was exactly, but they were quite embarrassed.

  11. My daughter wants to be a drummer. When should we show up for band practice?

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