23 Minutes and Still Counting

Claudia is insisting on dressing herself this morning. She refuses any help whatsoever.

The madness began about 25 minutes ago when she stripped down completely naked even taking off her brand new clean diaper.

At least I got her to put on a Pull Up. I don’t think she has the motor skills to diaper herself yet.

Did I mention both children insited on picking out their own outfits? Ian is wearing shorts. It is December 14th. It’s 45 degrees outside. It’s not freezing, but it certainly isn’t shorts weather.

28 minutes now. Claudia just let me help her put her socks on but she still isn’t wearing any pants.

I’m glad we don’t have anywhere we need no go today.

(But you should all go buy raffle tickets to Her Bad Auction. It raises money for Muscular Distrophy and Her Bad Mother’s nephew, Tanner who is suffering from this disorder.)

Her Bad Auction

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  1. Morgan and Claudia must be on the same wave length. Morgan dressed herself this morning as well. Thank goodness, it didn’t take her 28 minutes.

  2. Gabriel stripped himself down the other day and insisted on playing blocks in just his turtleneck sweater. It is this age for sure!

  3. Ha. I love that. Very strong willed lady ya got there…

  4. This is exactly what WB is going to be like, I just know it. She already fusses about what gets put on her little bod.

    (Thanks for plugging the auction. xoxo)

  5. i hide the short sleeves and shorts when it turns cold for THIS VERY REASON.

  6. Jack won’t even pull his pants down…Hala, on the other hand, just put on rainboots and a bucket on her head.

  7. Isn’t that fun? I especially enjoy dressing Raisin when we’re in a hurry and she wants to do it herself. If I manage to get something on her, she takes it off, puts it back in the drawer, and starts over. Whee!

  8. I feel your pain Sarah. Monkey Boy likes to be in the pull up only. Peanut on the other hand, sigh, she’s our nekkid girl. She’s 22 mo and dresses herself. In record time. The boy won’t touch his clothes and the thought of putting them on himself? How dare I suggest a thing. Clearly he thinks he’ll have professional dressers as he gets older. Save that allowance kid.

    At least Ian’s not asking people if they want to see his penis get bigger. Yeah, he’s been practicing that trick for a month or so and it’s not getting old to him.

    I’ll go hang my head in shame in the corner now.

  9. Sounds kinda like me getting dressed in the morning. I usually remember pants though. They don’t like it when I show up to work without them.

  10. my wife would rather my 1 and 3 year old girls pick out their own clothes than have me do it. but at least i wouldn’t put shorts on them in the winter. :)

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