Happy Birthday to Me

As Chris so delicately put it a mere 12 days ago:

Yep, that’s right – it’s my birthday. I’m not telling you how old though. No, really. Well…okay…okay. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with dirty whore.

Yes, apparently I am 12 whole days younger than Chris, which is great because it allows me to steal his jokes instead of making up my own. Neat, huh?

For my birthday I got a 2 month Netflix gift subscription, so I think it fair to say that I will be ranting and raving about movies for the next two weeks.

Lucky you guys.

I would also like to take a moment to brag that even with my mid-thirties status I have been id’d (can you even say id’d? Is that a word? How would you spell it? Ided?) three times this week alone. I wonder if this is at all related to the fact that I really want this for Christmas.

Probably not, but it seemed like a good segue to show everyone the Hello Kitty guitar.

I realize that by the time most of you will read this it will technically be the day after my birthday (a.k.a the 18th). I am okay with that. Let’s discuss what you would have bought me if we knew each other in real life.

(ps – If you are reading this on the 17th, go wish Becky and Kate happy birthday too.)

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  1. You were posting your “happy birthday to me” post at the same time as me! Must be bedtime at your house also. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday and Netflix rocks!

  3. Happy Birthday, and I really hope you get your Hello Kitty guitar for Christmas!

  4. Have a very Happy Birthday!!! ‘dirty whore’ isn’t so bad…I’m gonna be seeing ‘dirty dive’ in a few months…ugh.

    I would totally buy you that Hello Kitty Guitar if I knew you in ‘real life’ and if I could afford it, of course. Otherwise, I might buy you a mini Hello Kitty Guitar or a Hello Kitty t-shirt at least!!!!

  5. Frank Sucks says:

    Happy B-Day kid. Welcome to the mid-30’s, even though I moved into the late 30’s this year. Enjoy it all.

  6. happy birthday sarah! haha mike told me you were 33. is he wrong? he’s so silly! i celebrated for you by puking 6 times today. miss it????


  7. Happy Birthday, you dirty whore. Also, ID’eed, don’t you think?

  8. Welcome to my cult.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    But Hello Kitty?

  10. Happy Birthday Sunshine!

  11. Happy Birthday! You are just a little over a month younger than I, though I argued with my mother that I was thirty-three. I lost a year of my life somewhere.

  12. Happy Birthday! May the coming year bring many 23 year old waiters saying “uh, could I just check your id?”

  13. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  14. Happy Birthday

    Trish and The Wrecking Crew

  15. And you are 50 weeks older than me!

    Happy birthday! Damn, I should have known you were a Sagitarrious ~ you just have that Sag independence thing about you.

    I ided a lady once when I was bartending (many years ago). It was her 35th birthday. When she went to the bathroom, the husband slipped me a $50 and said that was better than any gift he ever could have bought her. I learned to id regularly.

  16. Happy Birthday! Always happy to provide a punchline or two 😉 And Netflix? Rocks! :-)

  17. I always think you’re birthday is on the 18th anyway. Hope you had a good one. How was the swanky restaurant?

  18. I would totally buy you a Hello Kitty guitar if I knew you in real life.

    Oh crap.

    I mean, would totally LIE about getting you a Hello Kitty guitar if I knew you in real life.

    Or something. Hope your day was awesome. Happy Birthweek.

  19. Happy birthday, Sarah!!! Hope you had a great one.

  20. Happy Day-After-Your-Birthday!
    Dirty Sticks and really not looking forward to Dirty… Heaven?!

  21. Happy Happy! If you are a dirty whore, I guess that makes me dirty poo.


  22. For a few more weeks, I’m still dirty tree

  23. Happy B-day yo!

    I got carded on my 35th birtday buying wine at the store. They actually had to call a manager over to verify my ID was me. That was a good gift.

  24. Happy belated Dirty Whore!

  25. Crappy Earthday Dirty Whore!

  26. Testing your theory… And once again, happy birthday!

  27. happy 24th! bwah!

  28. Happt Birthday!!

  29. De Lurking to wish you a belated happy shared birthday

  30. Happy Birthday! And you don’t look a day over Dirty.

  31. Happy (belated) birthday. One of my neighbors got me a happy 40th birthday card this year, several years too early. i still have it displayed.

  32. happy happy birthday. here’s to a great year in the life of you.

  33. Oh, I’m so late — but many belated birthday wishes from this (busy) side of the ocean…

    Hip hip hooray!!!!

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