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I cannot believe you people didn’t understand how cool this Hello Kitty guitar is. Now I feel like I need to explain myself. Just look at it.
Hello Kitty Guitar

It is so girly and stupid that it is punk rock. What is more asshole than a pink Hello Kitty Guitar?

Originally Gabe showed this to me as an idea for Claudia, but she isn’t big enough for it yet and it is too expensive to buy as a joke. But somehow it became (much like my hot pink cell phone) something that I actually wanted. I don’t know what happened. I am a terrible guitar player, we already have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a bass, a six string bass and an acoustic bass here that we never have time to play.

But still…

While I am discussing stuff, let me tell you about some free stuff that I got.

Charlie (of the free portable DVD player fame) sent me a Norelco Bodygroom. (Okay, this link is to a commercial, but it’s pretty freaking funny.) When I first got the package I took this picture of the box (because I am really immature).

Now if you can read this box, you will see that if I took the time to read it instead of just giggling at the pictures that it is supposed to be exclusively for men. Clearly, I am not a man.

This may or may not explain why I had a problem with it. More likely it is because I am sort of a moron and that I don’t know how to use an electric shaver.

When I tried to use it I dropped it on the shower floor immediately and broke it. See, it’s cool because you can take it in the shower. Well, it’s cool if you aren’t really really clumsy.
Luckily, Gabe fixed and says it works well. That is all I am going to say about it. If you want to know which of his bodyzones he shaved you are going to have to ask him.

(Nobody gave me the guitar. Free or otherwise, but keep an eye out when I review my new Swiffer and my new one of these. I’ll explain the picture some other time.)

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  1. I would own that guitar in a heartbeat. I have about 7 guitars and none is as cool as that.

    Is it a Squire made in Mexico or Japan? The Mexican Squires are awesome. The Japanese ones are mass produced and sometimes don’t sound as good.

    That is SOOOOOO Punk rock!

  2. You got a new Little Person? Is that Maggie?

  3. Who knew there were so many ‘bodyzones’?

    btw, Happy belated birthday! Hope it was super!

  4. Hello Kitty Guitar? Totally awesome.

    Happy Birthday.

  5. I like the packaging on that shaver, I must say.

  6. Duuuuude…that Hello Kitty pink guitar has been an object of fascination in my household for quite some time now. As you may or may not know, the huz is bass player, amongst other things, and is dying to have the kids learn an instrument so they can all jam together. It’s very Partridge Family-ish minus
    Danny Bonaduce and Marty Kincade and well, the huz is a dad instead of a mom and we don’t have a bus or a hot older brother. Okay…so maybe it’s not so PF-ish. But anyway, the huz and TQ have been eyeing that HK guitar ever since she saw it and told him about it. I have a feeling that in a few years, we’ll be buying one.

  7. i am cracking up about the bodyzone for men. ha!

  8. I’m glad it wasn’t just me who couldn’t figure out that dam razor.

    The guitar is hottttt. I so want one and I can’t even play the guitar.

    Do you have the pink razor, cause if so we soooo match now. Yes, I know, I just hit myself for saying such crap like that…but I do super love my pink phone.

  9. If the guitar doesn’t work out for you, I highly recommend the Hello Kitty TV/DVD player (I got mine at target for about $150 on sale over the summer). It’s not only a good little TV, it also has the added bonus of watching HK walk across the screen when you change the volume (she also shows up on the menu and when you change the channel)… but the volume picture amuses me to no end because at certain volumes (as she moves across the screen) it looks like Hello Kitty has 3 or even 4 arms! This is probably only amusing to me, but it’s good fun!
    And now I totally want the HK guitar (although I don’t play, and I also don’t really like HK other than for her pinkness), I’ve also been eyeing the HK coffee maker at target (once again, don’t drink coffee or like HK, but it’s so cool and pink).

  10. We got a Hello Kitty Karaoke machine for E. TOTALLY. AWESOME.

  11. I shaved and I shaved yet none of my bodyzones came out looking as the box promised! What a scam!

  12. That guitar screams punk. Or, all female Japanese bubblegum pop band. One of the two.

  13. If our 11 year old son takes up guitar, I am so buying this for him. We have had an inside joke about Hello Kitty for YEARS. For Chanukah I got him a gift card from Target which was in the shape of a Hello Kitty purse.

    Fortunately, he knows to save up for his own therapy.

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