Claudia Wishes You All a Happy Holiday

Claudia sings Jingle Bells.

Ian does not.

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  1. I like the open vodka bottle on the dishwasher as much as Claudia’s headband. 😎

  2. Love the videos Sarah – I embedded them for you, but don’t go in and edit again or they will screw up – I’ll teach you how in an email.  (after dinner)
    Merry Christmas, Goon Squad!

  3. God I love those kids.
    Very funny.
    I love her outfit too…

  4. oh m y gosh!!!! little sarah! haha!

  5. How cute! I love how Ian didn’t just not sing Jingle Bells, but was all “no way” and then walked away. Funny, funny stuff.

  6. I don’t know which I like better, Claudia’s singing and walking back and forth or Ian’s No Way. Too cute.

  7. Adorable!

  8. preciously precious.

  9. Whoever fixed this is totally my boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Karen? Aaron?

  10. Erin?

  11. LOVE IT! She is a ham for the camera isn’t she? Ian definitely had more of the Gabriel approach.

  12. Love it! Sooo…cute!

  13. It was me – look up and READ your COMMENTS, bizatch! 😀

  14. Hala just made me watch these 3000 times. 3000!!!! It’s very possible she will have her own version very soon

  15. I love the outfits: Ian in his slightly preppy collegiate look…Claudia looking like she just came from a hockey game. Perfect.

  16. Is Ian a chimney sweep? Sorry guv’ner no jingle ‘ells t-day!

  17. Yes! I also thought that Ian sounded a bit English. Like a little Tiny Tim or something.

  18. It sounded to me like Claudia was singing “Gingle” Bells-what a cutie! And I liked your singing too, Sarah 😉 Poor Ian, though, he looked so sad that he couldn’t sing.

  19. That is the most adorable thing that I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  20. Poor Ian! I’m sure Claudia would give him private lessons:-) Too cute!

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