And So It Begins

Claudia has started blaming her farts on Ian.

Even when he isn’t in the room.

I wonder if my Dad taught her that?

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  1. Someone I used to work with had a son who would claim he was “allergic” to farts when he was about five. He would WAIL whenever anyone would fart, howling about how he was allergic and please don’t fart around him.
    I haven’t seen him in years but apparently it horrifies him that I remember this, as I always ask “So is Corey still allergic to farts?” and now he’s a teenager.

  2. Hmm. I suppose that’s better than my children, who clamor for credit whenever anyone farts.

  3. At least she’s not blaming it on you…in public. Damn kids.

  4. My dad has taught SF everything she knows about the joy of farting. I love it…hee hee…We blame the dog now.

  5. My kids are like Kate’s, they will actually argue over who farted, each trying to take credit! Maybe you should read Claudia “Walter the Farting Dog”.

  6. My daughter once accompanied my hubby to the video store when suddenly, at the check-out, she exclaimed, “Daddy farted!” He insists that he hadn’t. Maybe someone else in line did. But what could he do? Argue with a pre-schooler, proclaiming his innocence? He’s never been back to that video store.

  7. Smart girl.

  8. Lori baker says:

    HA! That’s hysterical.
    And yes, I feel that your Dad is a very likely suspect but, not the only one that comes to mind.

  9. Now THAT’s a good reason to be a twin.

  10. How long has your dad been blaming his farts on Ian?

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