If You Just Can’t Get Enough of Me

Look for me starting this weekend as I start my new job over at Strollerderby.

I’ll be posting over there as soon as I learn how to insert pictures into my posts.

So it might be a while. I’m no computer scientist. Go over there anyway. It’s a cool place.

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  1. You should be able to insert pictures using the Insert/edit image icon when you write your post.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey, cool. Can’t wait to check you out.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    So glad to see you over at Stroller Derby.


  4. hey congrats! i’m psyched for you!

    happy new year!

  5. Great post! I want to reach nirvana playing board games … Way to go!

  6. Hey, congratulations. It’s a fun site.

  7. Did you get on board via Jay, or did you do the dirty work yourself? Either way, good luck with the new gig?

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