Check Out What We Did this Weekend

Have I mentioned that my in-laws are better than yours?

Gabe’s parents tooks the kids all weekend. They took them Friday night and brought them back Sunday afternoon. Here is what we did with our free time.


The carpet looks much better in this picture than it did in real life. Fortunately, underneath the nasty carpet there was a pretty decent wood floor. We had to do some work to it, but I think it tuned out pretty well.

The dining room is officially the nicest room in our house now. Actually, it is so pretty it makes the rest of the upstairs look like crap.

Who wants to come over and help us pretty up the living room?

We’ll buy the beer.

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  1. Wow!!! That looks amazing. I’d ask if you managed to get some romance worked into the weekend, but I just took another look at he pictures and realized you had to have ran out of time.

  2. Who wants to come over there and help YOU?? Clearly you should be coming over to help ME!

  3. Why do I suddenly feel very lazy? Maybe because my dining room still has the same faux brick linoleum floor and faded fern wall paper that it had when you last visited in 1989.

  4. That makes me want to do some remodeling…sadly, my husband refuses to do anymore. He thinks I’m a slave driver or something. Pfft.

  5. It looks great, Sarah! Is that wallpaper or paint?

  6. That was one weekend?!? Are y’all for hire?

  7. It looks like a before and after of While You Were Out. Nice job!!

  8. If you serve me pomegranite martini’s instead, I’ll be over tomorrow.

  9. A weekend? A WEEKEND? We’re still working on our kitchen. Three months and counting. We just have the windows left, though. My in-laws live umpteen-thousand miles away. Otherwise, I bet they’d take the kids for a weekend, and we could have been done a long time ago.

    So … is that where I sleep when I come visit?

  10. Awesome!! I might have to turn to you for pointers soon. 😉

  11. That’s gorgeous! Right up my alley! (See, THAT’S what taste looks like! Not the crapilistic houses I’ve been seeing.)

  12. That looks GREAT! What a huge difference!

    I am so envious that a) your inlaws live nearby b) they will take your kids all weekend and c)that your kids will love staying with them

    You are a lucky girl!

  13. oooh! Nice!

  14. How much would I have to spend to fly you guys out here to help us do stuff??

    I bet it would totally be cheaper than a contractor.


  15. What KIND of beer?

  16. Sheesh! Talk about making a girl feel lazy. I was proud that I did laundry this weekend… 😉

  17. Looks great!

  18. Frank Sucks says:

    Nice job.

  19. Awesome floors! Good job!

  20. i wish i could click and see BIGGER versions of those photos. I love seeing before and after pics! It looks fantastic, congratulations!

    I will happily come over and help pretty up the living room! And then you can come help me pretty up the basement :) We all need more amish ways don’t you think? barn raising type events would rock, only in a “let’s lay some flooring! let’s paint!” sort of way.

  21. I’ve never understood why people cover up wood floors. Kudos to you!

  22. Beautiful! I’ll help, but only if you buy the plane ticket too!


  23. how fabulous. i’m totally there to help. oh. wait. i live 6 hours away. dang.

    congrats on the happy place.

  24. My office could really stand to be redone. Next time you head to Florida, sweep through Louisiana with all your tools.

  25. You and Gabe are such talented strippers!

  26. North Dakota

  27. As long as you come over and help us finish our house we have been remodeling for the past 2 years!!

  28. We can be there in 6 hours. We don;t need a hotel reservation, your room will be just fine (you don’t mind sleeping on your new hardwood floors, right?) The kiddo can babysit the twins :) while we drink, er, I mean paint! while we PAINT.

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