While Watching a Burger King Commercial

Gabe: How can they make this whole song about double Whoppers and not once use the word “diarrhea”?

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  1. Gross! Burger King always looks good on the commercials, but then after you eat it, not so much. Same with Wendy’s.

  2. I used to work at Burger King while in high school, although it was only a burger prince back then. Diarrhea was one of the words that we couldn’t use. Apparently McDonald’s has it copywrited or something.

  3. The only good things at BK are the slurpees, oops, freezies…whatever they are called.

  4. plus that eery “king” masked person.

    talk about scary. right up there with the raspy talking baby in the quiznos commercials.


  5. I’m with QofS. They have Coke icees at BK and that’s about the only reason I’d go there. But if you really, really want diarrhea, I hear Checkers is the place to go. Just FYI…

  6. LMAO at that!

    “New Double Whoppers…now with extra Olestra!”


  7. nice! howling with laughter!

  8. That made me laugh out loud.

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