A Sweeping Epiphany

This might sound like a lie, but I had an epiphany the while I was sweeping.

I used to despise sweeping. It was one of my least favorite chores. The only two tasks I hated more than sweeping were matching socks and ironing. Usually when I sweep it mostly involves me just moving the dirt from place to place, having problems with the stupid dust pan and getting pissed off.

At some point someone (probably Gabe) explained the upward motion part of sweeping and now I am much better at it. Now I don’t hate it as much.

This is also why I hate ironing so much. I am terrible at it. I end up ironing new wrinkles into things instead of what I am supposed to be doing. It is insanely frustrating and it makes me feel inept.

So to make a long story short (sort of) I am going to learn how to cook better. I have already learned some new skills watching Top Chef Gabe cook, and once he taught me the right way to cut an onion my time in the kitchen has become significantly more pleasant. I used to despise cooking, and now I don’t mind it. I am hoping that if I keep getting better at it that I will learn to really enjoy it.

Plus, I really like eating. It’s a win/win scenario.

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  1. Hey that’s my thing! Not a resolution per se, but I vowed to start cooking more. The difference being I already like it, but Joe is terrible about not eating leftovers, so rather than let food go to waste I just don’t cook and we eat like college students.

  2. Ironing? What’s that?

  3. I think ironing is like parallel parking: you either are born with an innate ability to do it or you’re not.

  4. And what IS the correct way to cut an onion? Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. i can’t help but think you’re missing an angle here. not so good at sweeping? not so good at irnong? not so good at cooking? perfect! you and gabe go have fun with the kids and the remodeling and find yourselves a wife!

  6. irnong?

    i meant ironing.

  7. You’re so sweet. You own things that need to be ironed. Awwwwwww.

    I have one pair of pants that occasionally will flag me down and beg me to iron them after a run through the dryer. I’m usually able to stare them down and win that battle. Last week, my HUSBAND ironed them for me. I may never iron again.

  8. I’m with Rachel. I want to know how I’m supposed to be cutting an onion.

    One of my first jobs when I was younger was doing light housework for a neighbor. That light housework included ironing her husband’s 85 BILLION shirts. She taught me how to properly iron a shirt and it has saved me countless times since then. All that said, just because I know how to iron a shirt correctly doesn’t mean that I like to do it. My husband knows that if he wants a shirt ironed, it’s up to him. I try to keep his shirts from getting too wrinkly in the laundry, but that’s about as close as I come to ironing.

  9. This is my least favourite chore (http://xrisimopoio.blogspot.com/2005/11/single-most-boring-pastime-of-our-day.html) and I don’t really want to get any better at it, ’cause now hubby does it most of the time. I’m quite good at ironing, though, so I don’t mind. Plus, it’s only for birthdays and Christmas 😉

  10. I’ll iron for you if you cook for me. I don’t care how you slice it…I hate cooking! But I love eating. And therefore, all my local restaurants love me. I think they should give me a discount for frequency.

  11. I never iron. My kids spent the night at my mother in law’s house. She pulled out an iron and they all stared at it and asked what it was. I bet she thinks so much more of me now.

  12. I cannot iron. At all. If I iron your clothes, I will ruin them, everytime. It’s why my husband looks crazy all the time.

    I also cannot cook. However, when we met, he WAS A cook – so that part works out.

  13. I can cook. I can iron. I just hate cleaning and organising my junk. I’m a bowerbird and I hate that about myself, but I just can’t fix it. I’m not too messy, I just keep alot of crap.

  14. Screw ironing. I love my dry cleaner. Also? I hate, hate, hate matching all those little bitty socks. I swear, I just buy more everytime I’m at Target so I don’t have to wash as often. And then, when I do wash…more freakin’ socks.

    The cooking thing–when I took my 14 month sabbatical to stay home with B&B, I decided I really wanted to learn how to cook. After I came out of my sleep-deprivation induced coma around 6 months into motherhood, I started reading about methods, picking out recipes, etc.

    I truly love to cook now. I climb into bed each night with a cookbook and sticky notes to mark recipes. I never thought I’d see the day…

  15. I’ve lived in this apartment for 1 year and about 5 months. I have not unpacked my iron. I *think* I know where it is. I figure that I at least own one.

  16. You sweep and iron?

    You are one cool chick.

    I buy wash-n-wear clothes and use Downy Wrinkle Free (if I must). You can get wash-n-wear professional clothes from TravelSmith. This is my husband’s entire wardrobe. The upcharge is worth it in the less stress to both of us.

    As for sweeping, only with a vacuum that sucks it up.

  17. My fave Thai restaurant offers cooking classes. Who’s in?

  18. Wow, Gabe has really nice hands and pretty rings.

  19. When we were first married, Pete couldn’t stand to watch me do anything with a knife. Now, he tolerates it (though I’m sure he’s thinking the whole time, “I could do that much quicker.”).

    I know where the ironing board is only because of the great water heater flood of 2006, but I would be hard pressed to locate an iron.

  20. Thank Ozzy my husband has a job that doesn’t require anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. I have no idea how I would cope with ironing.

    I hate matching socks more than ANYTHING. I hate it. I hate it so much I would give everyone flip flops if I could.

  21. I learned the proper way to chop onions last year from my chef/brother-in-law, and now I chop them just for fun on a Saturday night. Yes, I need to get out more.

  22. Blessedly hubby works at a job where the uniforms are provided and dry cleaned on a regular basis. (Iron? Maybe once a year..) This from a gal whose mother ironed her SHEETS, her SHEETS for crying out loud! Wash and wear in this house all the way!

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