Randomness Part 61

For those of you who may have been wondering what happened to my blogroll, I accidentally made it private. I feel like this would be an appropriate time to reiterate that I am a moron.

On to other things:

Read this piece that I wrote for BlogHer.

Why I rooted for The Browns AND The Seahawks to beat my beloved Buccaneers.

I am really enjoying this book. (Gabe is turning me into some sort of foodie.)

Dora, Dora, Dora the Exorcist.

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  1. I don’t like Dora anyway. She’s weird.

  2. I just read the story about the German going to Sydney. My mother could have easily made the same mistake. True.

  3. I suppose it’s just my warped sense of priorities when I suggest that you can always tivo the game and watch it that evening, so as not to miss the most important day in the life of your dear friends? I’m crazy that way.

    And that German is an asshat. Seriously.

  4. I rooted FOR the Patriots yesterday.
    You heard me.
    Because I just don’t believe in could stop San Diego.

    But it still hurt me in my heart to root for those aholes.

  5. That’s one BIG Dora doll.

  6. You can call me, Sir says:

    I’ve been a Browns fan all my life. It’s always been sort of a form of self-flagellation (1986? Earnest Byner? John Elway=The Devil?). Not only should we be the first people in line at the gates of heaven, but we should get the first-round draft pick every year because…have you seen our team? Do you know our history? We’re like abused dogs that crawl back for more, over and over. And over. At least Tampa Bay has an animated coach with a loose resemblance to a satanic doll…we have only disappointment and woe.

  7. That poor girl. We went to the game and it was A-MAZ-ING. Sure wish Seattle had won yesterday.

  8. *snort*
    Dora the Exorcist is wicked-cool.

  9. the dora one made my day. our house looks like Nick Jr. and Webkinz World exploded in it. so much for wooden toys.

  10. That’s my favorite book by my favorite author! His TV show is da bomb, too.

  11. We all know you rooted for the Seahawks because you recognize them as the superior team (who were one shanked punt away from beating those fucking Bears)

  12. I think what you MEANT was, you rooted for the Browns because Cleveland football has a storied history, and you finally came around to this fact. Never you mind that we’ve blown fat chunks for more than a decade. Our time will come.

  13. Oh, how weird is that? I just blogged about Bourdain too. Mostly his show. Love him.

    And we’re Patriots fans here. LOL. I guess it hadn’t occurred to me that people could hate the Patriots the way we, say, hate the Yankees.

  14. Frank Sucks says:

    Why do all the Buc fans think they are going to draft a QB?

  15. I loved that book! It’s funny, I really enjoy reading books by chefs, food critics, and other culinary-types, even though I don’t do a lot of cooking myself. Have you read any of Michael Ruhlman’s books (“The Soul of a Chef,” “The Reach of a Chef”)? If not, I recommend them — he’s really good. :)

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