Randomness Part 62

This picture is freaking me out.

Rollin’ With Saget. (I found this on The Art of Getting By)

Devra sent me this. Don’t overuse your navigation system.

I found out why I think about Rosie Perez every time I watch “Go, Diego! Go!” She is Click the camera. And all this time I thought it was somebody doing a bad impression.

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  1. Why do you feed my Bob Sagat addiction? Honestly, I think it would have burned itself out by now if you didn’t keep fanning the flames.

  2. That picture is disturbing!!!

    Don’t get me started on Click the camera either, why do so many cartoons that my son loves have to irritate me so terribly?

  3. Why does that picture freak me out so bad? I can’t look at it.

    I love to see Bob Saget smokin’ dubes…did you ever see him on Entourage? Classic!

    I love the navigation system I wish I had one…Don’t you think someone with half a brain might take a look to where ‘left’ was before he turned????

    I frickin’ hate Diego and that horrific camera Click. She always reminds me of White Men Can’t Jump when she says “Wynchya just givher awwwlll the moneeeey!” uggh…douche chills.

    I giggled hard with that last link!…Still giggling….

  4. I had no idea about the camera! I’ll have to listen today when we watch it (because I know we will!)

  5. Have you ever seen the part in the movie Half Baked with Bob Saget in it? Best line ever.

  6. Too bad my BIL didn’t have a navigation system to blame when he abandoned his old, beat-up conversion van (sporting illegal tags) on the railroad tracks last year.

  7. What is wrong with that cat? Creepy!
    Thanks for posting the Bob Saget link! It was a great way to start off my morning.

  8. Bob has redeemed himself. That was cool.

  9. I saw Rollin’ With Saget a while back…still one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time for some inexplicable reason.

  10. Oh, I knew Click sounded familiar. Annoyingly, annoyingly familiar.

    Wish me luck as I see “Go, Diego, Go” LIVE in a couple weeks. (Grandma’s buy the nicest gifts, don’t they?)

  11. That picture was hard to look away from, and might enter my dreams tonight. Nice.

  12. That picture is going to give me nightmares.

  13. What I found most disturbing about the navigational system article is that it referred to the system “ordering” these drivers around. No one orders me around. Not even my navigational system. Fuck that noise. (another oldie but goodie saying from The Eighties. heh. heh.)

  14. That picture is just another example of why I’m afraid of cats.

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