What is in a Name?

The twins have named their babies and their horses. (They are dolls and stick horses, but you knew that already, didn’t you?)

Claudia named her baby Keisha. To the best of my knowledge, Claudia doesn’t have any little friends named Keisha, so either she made it up or heard it on tv.

Ian named his baby Ian.

Claudia named her horse Sushi. At first I thought she might have named her Suzy, but no – Sushi.

We watch a lot of Food Network programming.

Ian’s horse is named Ian.

Claudia named her bath doll Gretel. Ian named his Ian.

Claudia is working on naming her bear. Your guess is as good as mine to what she will eventually end up with. The last we spoke up it Claudia was considering “Betty” for her bear’s name.

I think I have a hunch what Ian will be naming his bear.

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  1. Watch Ian grow up to become the scientist that perfects cloning. 😉

    He’ll have 20 of himself, all named Ian.

  2. Eric had two babies, they were named oscar & little oscar.

    I love Claudia’s names. I think her ability to name her toys is quite advanced for her age!

  3. lol

    very dramatic banner there! 😉

  4. Kira came home with three penguin puppets she made at Choice Time (construction paper drawings of penguins cut out and glued to craft sticks), and she had named them Isabella, Rebecca (pronounced Reee-becca), and Elise. She does not know anyone by any of these names.

    These are balanced by the teddy bear named “Big Bear.” Because it’s, you know, big. And a bear. mk

  5. I don’t think Ian likes his name very much. Do you?

  6. We’re a little more Formal than that around here. We have MR Bear, and MR Frog, and MR this and MR That.
    All male.
    And not on first name terms, apparently.

  7. before zoe and lucy were born, my cousin’s 4-yr-old daughter, named tate, suggested a long list of pairs of names for them.

    the last pair on the list was tate and tate.

    when she’s 40, people will still be reminding her of this.

  8. That’s hilarious. Claudia’s very creative. Gilly tends to name her animals after people we know, or else Wiggles. We have bears named jeff and anthony.

  9. I love what they name toys! Each of my girls has (around age 3) named everything the same name. My oldest used “Sassy”. My middle one used (oh no, I can’t remember, I’m a horrible parent). My youngest is using “Rainbow”. For All. The. Toys.

    I think they should go play with Ian. :)

  10. Consider it a compliment – he really appreciates the name you chose for him, and is simply returning the favor by populating the toy world with more Ians.

  11. E names everything by stringing together random vowels and consonants. As, “what’s the lamb’s name?” “ummm…Leeksyshobinour.”

    “Ok. Leeksyshobinour it is then.”

  12. That is too funny. And I’m guessing it’s a guy thing — we met a kid on the Disney bus in Orlando who had gotten a toy robot. His name (the kid’s) was Jason — and guess what he named his robot? You guessed it.

  13. Ian is a damn good name. The kid has taste.

  14. my little niece had turtles, she named them
    and the smallest one she named …big red.

  15. We women are so creative aren’t we?

  16. My little girls have named one of their dolls Tyena. And another one…wait for it, wait for it….PLEASURE. No lie. Consider yourself blessed.

  17. My 11 year old named the giant bush in front of our house “Reggie”.

  18. Your delivery is perfect.

    GREAT story.

  19. oh, that is too cute. Mommy-led questions helped my daughter name her doll “Julie.” However, my son (4) named his doll “Aiden” with no prompting. No one we know is named Aiden.

    A story that still is told about my older brother and sister: When they were little, they were allowed to name 2 kittens that were adopted. The names: Housey, and Tree-ey.

  20. Ian must be really bright to keep track of that many Ians.

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