Don’t Know What You Got ’til it’s Gone

(cue Cinderella)

Dear Publix,

I hate all the grocery stores in Northern Virginia. I’m serious. The Safeway near my house is overpriced and the lines are always long. Both of the Giants that are close both suck and really aren’t that clean. The Wegmans is too far away for everyday shopping and the workers are very grumpy.

My Trader Joes is really small. Sure they have good cheese, but I end up having to go there and somewhere else just to get enough food to prepare an entire meal. The Shoppers Food Warehouse is full of assclowns, they only have two of the carts that I can fit both kids in and there is only one check out line that the big carts will fit through. I have to use lane seven even if the mean cashier is there.

MacGruders is a joke, it is like shopping at a 7-11 with produce, the close Harris Teeter closed down and the other shoppers at Whole Foods smell bad, plus the parking lot is impossible to get out of.

I know, you can’t believe I am complaining when I have this many grocery stores to choose from, but dear Publix, I miss your bakery. I miss your deli. You were always clean and you had the best fried chicken.

Why are you only in the South?

This is not an advertisement. Publix probably doesn’t even remember me.

But I remember you, Publix. I miss you. Please come to Virginia.

Call me.



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  1. Damn you, Grocery Store I’ve Never Heard Of! But really, I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one who won’t go into a grocery store because of it’s creepy customers and employees.

  2. I used to be a huge fan of Krogers. All you people in the north know that Krogers, especially the NEW Krogers, are a pretty darn good store.
    Publix makes them look like ghetto trash markets.
    Publix is nirvana of grocery shopping. Seriously, the NICEST and most reasonably priced NICE grocery store I’ve ever been to. Plus, they over staff – so there are always lots of people around to help you. Best service in the world.

  3. I’ll mail you stuff from Publix if you send me a list. (Really, I will) I understand, I would be lost without Publix AND Super Wal-mart.

  4. I miss Publix too. I used to go there for the subs. That was heaven. I agree, I hate the Giants up here, they suck!!

    I’m totally with you….

  5. My step sister lives in Virginia Beach. I went to her Publix years ago…I loved it too. I was jealous..NYC has Whole Foods but it’s tooooo crowded.

  6. You don’t like Wegmans?! COME ON!!! The great bakery, the produce section that stretches for miles…

    I had one requirement when we were looking for a house and that was it had to be within reasonable driving distance of a Wegmans.

    However, I am nearer to the headquarters of Wegmans so the crazy dressing Danny Wegman can drop in on the store at any time, thereby forcing the employees to be all chipper, all the time. (seriouslly, Danny Wegman dresses like a loon. like top coat and tails. royal purple top coat and tails…)

  7. The one thing people who don’t have twins don’t get is how difficult it is to go grocery shopping with two young ones. I mean, you can’t count on getting one of those two carts that houses both all the time, can you?

    I feel your pain, though. Our grocery stores here suck too.

  8. Hey man, I need a car that seats THREE – feature that! Two in the little attachment seat deal and one in the actual CART seat. The one in the cart seat then proceeds to kick in the head the two in the attached seat.
    it’s nice.

  9. I know of NONE of the stores you mentioned. But I would gladly take any store that actually knows how to fry a damn chicken to my liking. Does anyone else see “Publix” and think “pubic” or is it just me? Because then? About the chicken? I don’t think I want it.

  10. You would die a happy death if you keeled over immediately after consuming some Publix fried chicken.
    The name seems a bit sterile……but it’s a happy place, I promise.

  11. Ahh… I love Publix and thier tasty deli sub sandwiches! Yes, we really do need to have them here in the north. Big Y, Stop and Shop, and Shop Rite just don’t compare.

  12. I was in North Carolina over the holidays and had the pleasure of shopping in a Harris Teeter – MUCH better than Publix.

    I was in Publix today. Their fried chicken is to die for.

    I, however, just bought milk.

    I’ll send you some. Do you want the potato salad too?

    I’ll bring some to Chicago for BlogHer. Can you wait that long?


  13. Sarah, can you bring to BlogHer some of those caramel swiss cookies from Trader Joe’s? I dream about them at night.


  14. Publix is wonderful. So is Winn-Dixie. I agree with the other poster — Publix subs trump Subway.

    You know, you lost me with the “Cinderella” reference. Be it that it was morning and I hadn’t had my caffeine quite yet, or that I just automatically relate Disney to mommy blogs and assumed it was of the Disney variety.

    Regardless, you dated yourself, my dear.

    And with that statement, I guess I dated myself too….

  15. Two words. Piggly Wiggly. I miss Da Pig. *sigh*

  16. Oh my gosh… I thought I was the only one who doesn’t go into Whole Foods because of the smell. I honestly can’t go in there. I hate it.

  17. I go to different grocery stores too, because there are things that I like about various places (or else I know I can get something I use a lot at a radically better price at a store that I don’t go to very often, for instance). Which Trader Joe’s do you go to? I’ve been to the one in Old Town Alexandria and also the one on Rt. 7 near Tyson’s Corner.

  18. LOL! I am truly laughing out loud! We are from VA- charlottesville (oh the lovlines!) and Woodbridge- but we now live in GA and have Publix. I can so get what you need! Gotta love the Publix sushi ! mmmmm

  19. You’re bringing back memories mentioning the carts that seat three! I remembering seeing parents with one child zooming around in the race car cart while I had a twin in the cart, child in the basket and twin in hands, and asking them to trade NOW.

    I crave Publix and just got back from a very enjoyable shopping experience.

  20. Cara in Exile says:

    At least now Trader Joe’s HAS food; for the longest time they had booze, wine, cheese, cookies, crackers, chocolate, some frozen things, and … that was about it. I miss Ralph’s in California, the newer ones are like immense, well-lit temples to food.

  21. I don’t know most of the stores you have talked about. I’m not even NEAR Virginia…but when I have had enough of all the grocery store hoopla….drum roll please:

    I order from a semi-nearby store and have them deliver. You don’t have to deal with crappy,not-clean,mean-cashier kind of people and they even walk the 17 steep steps to my front door with groceries.

    Sssshhhhhh…don’t tell my husband.

  22. We must be neighbors; if only I had a dollar for every time I’ve made your same complaints about grocery stores in Alexandria. I’d give a toe for some Publix Fried Chicken, a piece of Publix birthday cake, or just a Publix made-to-order sub! No one warned me of this before I moved from SC!

  23. Wow. Our Whole Foods smells like a fresh lavender breeze. Except for back by the butcher part where they age meat, which is totally wretched. The clientele is pretty upscale, though. No hippies in Thousand Oaks.

  24. AMEN SISTER! I miss Publix fried chicken, subs and their brownies. No one around here has a bakery as good as them. They had such good fattening food……. ahhhh the memories.

    I am currently hitting Harris Teeters even though it is a 30 hour drive away and for basics we luckily have a nice Ingles out int he country.

  25. Former Floridian here who also misses Publix. Wegman’s is too far away and Giant and Safeway just don’t cut it.

    Also a Northern Virginian!! Do you know any other local bloggers?

  26. I miss Publix too! I really loved their cakes! You can’t find a cake here in VA that could touch Publix’s.

  27. Mario, the unofficial Publix guy, in VA says:

    Publix rules! The stores are clean & bright. You can always find a shopping cart and the employees or should I say owners are great. Publix has a full selection of ethnic foods, new items, and most importantly beer & wine. The bakery is 1st class and their brand items are super especially the ice cream but even the corn!!! I wasn’t surprised to here that they do a huge business in flowers considering they rule on wedding cakes. SOMEBODY STOP ME BEFORE I GET IN MY CAR AND DRIVE TO THE NEAREST STORE 300 MILES AWAY!!!

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