Let Me Ask You a Question (Super Bowl Edition)

What kind of American throws a baby shower on Super Bowl Sunday?

(No offense, Allison, but Super Bowl Sunday???)

Do you think there will be beer and chicken wings?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m going to the shower. It is at 1:00 and the game doesn’t start until 6:00. Do you think it would be rude to wear a jersey and facepaint?

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  1. Depends who you’re rooting for. If it’s the Colts, then yeah, it’s rude.

  2. What kind of Canadian either! WE WATCH TOO!

    Wear the face paint and leave at 1:15. In fact, don’t even stop the car. Just throw the gift out the window and hope it lands on her front yard, while driving away screaming “YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

  3. Facepaint? Required! Here’s a tip to ensure it’s long-lastingness: after applying, beat the facepainting with a crew sock filled with talcum powder, then brush the excess off. That’s what us clowns used to do.

  4. That’s funny. If it were me, I’d be really pleased to have the chance to go somewhere away from the screaming at the tv and the facepaint. The Super Bowl is baseball, right? Just kidding, I do know that much….

    But there could be beer and chicken wings at the shower. You never know.

  5. Hey, maybe you will be surprised and it WILL be beer and chicken wings and chili, and you’ll play games like breaking tackles while wearing a Baby Bjorn and diapering a football. How hilarious would it be if you showed up in a skirt and heels and all the other women were wearing sweatshirts and beer helmets?

  6. Will they serve beer in the baby bottles?

  7. I think you should also wear one of thosehelmets that holds beer cans. BTW – which face paint would you wear??

  8. OH WAIT. This is your opportunity to get one of those Football Fruit Bouquet things I was bitching about…..OH DO IT


    I mean, seriously. Can you ever get enough of listening to the commentators praising the COLTS TO THE POWERS ON HIGH for hours on end? I don’t think I’ve EVER enjoyed INSIDE THE NFL as much as I did last week.

    Maybe you could make up shower games to play that are FOOTBALL related so that it would make sense to have the pregame show on. That would be EXTREMELY thoughtful of you.

  10. I can tell you my last shower could have seriously used some face paint. And a gong or two. Bring a gong and a big finger.


  11. I think you should definately wear face paint and a jersey, if only to show her how wrong she is for planning it on that day. Might be an idea to wear pants too.

    In fact you inspired me to look up when it is showing on Aussie cable tv. Hmm, 10am Monday morning. There’s a repeat on Monday night. I might have a superbowl night on Monday! I don’t know what sport the superbowl is but chicken wings and beer sound like a grand plan!

  12. They did serve beer in baby bottles at Robey’s baby shower. It was one of the shower games: your drink of choice in a bottle & whoever finishes first wins. My bottle was filled with water, but most everyone else had beer. You should suggest that.

  13. I didn’t even know the Superbowl was on. I don’t even know who is playing so yes, it would definitely be a person like me to hold a baby shower on that day!

  14. That just seems kinda unamerican to me. Have the terrorists won?

  15. Are you kidding. I think the guest of honor should wear face paint and a jersey.

    THis is my first time at your site and I LOVE YOUR HEADER. heehee. So cool.

  16. dragon-mum says:

    LOL. I have no idea what superbowl even is.

    I am not a sports person and I never will be.

    I would be the Mum that puts a shower on, on a day like that.

    I would be mightily impressed if any guests turned up decked out in facepaint though. And my husband loved the games suggested by merseydotes. And we both liked the drinks in a bottle idea. I think our next kids party will be a smashing success with kids and adults alike 😉

    Can I see a pic of the facepaint?


  17. I really can’t decide which I find more repulsive, football, or baby showers. Not my idea of a good time either way.

  18. I’ll go for you. I don’t care about the superbowl this year and I know it’s because I’m a NE fan and I believe to the very core of my being that PEYTON MANNING IS ENTIRELY OVER RATED. As long as you’re not wearing a colts jersey, knock yourself out- foil up and support DA BEARS!

  19. Super Bowl Sunday always frustrates me!!! Why is it on a Sunday night!! If I miss Church everyone knows I’m worshipping the NFL. If I go to Church I miss the first half and best commercials!! AAAHHHHHH!!!

  20. acceptable if it’s for the colts and if you take a football to the baby! :)

  21. The baby must get a football jersey. Even if it’s a girl.

    And yeah. What Kara said.

  22. I’d go with Blue and White facepaint on, and an 18 jersey!!! I, as you can tell, am from Indiana….GO COLTS!!! Although, I have to say that I’ll be happy either way, cause I’m also a Bears fan. It is unamerican to have a baby shower on Super Bowl Sunday…But what the hell, it’s early enough in the day that you can easily handle both. Have fun!!

  23. In our town, the local radioj stations sponsor what is called “Super Bride Sunday” on Super Bowl every year. They set up exhibits & give-a-ways for engaged girls. This is a one-stop fair for everything they need. I’m sure some engaged guys LOVE this, because it keeps them free for the big game!

  24. I hope you have one of those big foam “We’re #1” hands in an appropriate shade for the baby’s room!

  25. Dude. A friend of mine had hers ON SUNDAY NIGHT. DURING THE GAME. And she threw it for herself to boot. I don’t even like footballl, and the hell? At least it was year before last, and not last year, when it was here and local guy Jerome Bettis got MVP in front of his hometown crowd.Even a nonfan can dig that.

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