In Other News: My Two Year Old Can Work the VCR

Ian can work the VCR.

I don’t know how. I never taught him how to do it. We have mostly DVDs, but I have some old Animaiacs VHS tapes that the boy loves. I guess those Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister, Dot) were motivation enough.

You know, I’m not even sure my Dad can work the VCR, and that guy has almost sixty years on Ian. Granted, he’s only had about 23 or so years to practice with his VCR, but you’d think that the ability to read and two masters degrees would give him the edge over the boy. Nope. Ian got it first.

Maybe I can get him to teach me how to install the new version of Firefox.

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  1. Soon he’ll be ordering pizza off the Internet.

  2. You can order pizza off the Internet? Don’t tell my husband.

  3. Boys and their toys…

  4. I LOVE the Animaniacs… and all their friends.

    The Brain: “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
    Pinky: “I think so Brain, but Zero Mostel times anything will still give you Zero Mostel.”

    Brilliant… More quotes here:

    And it’s not just boys. The PB & THe J both have asked for an iPod for thier birthday.

  5. The Animaniacs are totally worth it. After all, they are zany to the max.

  6. Good Idea: “Teaching” your son to use the VCR.
    Bad Idea: Letting him choose what you watch.

    Wait . . . I like Animaniacs. I take it back.

  7. One of my two year old twins had the DVD player mastered. She would change the setting on the TV to colour stream, turn the stereo on to DVD then put the DVD in. The only she hadn’t figured out was how to read the screen to select play movie from the menu. Then the other twin broke the dvd by leaning on the disk shelf. Now NO ONE is allowed to touch it. And yeah, my parents haven’t figured all that out yet.

  8. You can call me, Sir says:

    I think it says it a lot about Ian that he chose to exhibit his mastery of the VCR through the viewing of the Animaniacs. They’re gold. Thankfully it wasn’t something like Judge Dred or porn or, horror of horrors, the Teletubbies. And seriously, who stores their porn next to the Teletubbies? What kind of mother are you? :)

  9. This is why my VCR and DVD player are *above* the tv.

  10. My 2yr old has been playing dvds and changing them out for a couple months now. She put in her dad’s Joe Satriani dvd the other day and said, “I wanna watch Satch”

    I’m telling you, I fear for myself as they grow up

  11. A friend of mine nearly bought another DVD player because her son had somehow accessed some random submenu and turned on Portugese subtitles, and they couldn’t figure out how to turn them off. He was 2 at the time.

    I have that Animaniacs Sing a Long video! I bought it long before I had kids, just because I loved the Animaniacs. We now have Season 1 on DVD.

  12. Oh, I’ll take the Animaniacs over ANYTHING on Nick Jr or Disney’s Playhouse!

    Hey, you’re looking at completely self-sufficient kids here. All they need is water in the sippy cups and an accessible bag of ‘fish, and they won’t need you anymore!

  13. Pinky and The Brain Rule!!!

  14. dragon-mum says:

    Ahhh my pair have a perfect system worked out. Ayden (2) chooses the dvd and turns on the video and tv. Bowen (6) turns on dvd and stereo and puts dvd in. Then they set the volume and curl up and watch. They are addcited to Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends…. you guys have a spin off called Shiny Time Station I think.

    Me? I have to ask Bowen what buttons to press most of the time! I have play, stop, pause and skip down pat. The rest…. it eludes me. And myy Dad has told my mother she has to write dirsections for all appliances before she dies, cause in 55 years, he hasnt got past learning anything more than on/off and change channels!!!!

    Is it wrong of me on Saturday nights to leave sippy cups, containers of breakfast cereal, a bowl of fresh fruit and the dvd of the week on the coffee table? In the HOPE that come 5am Sunday morning they will just put the damn dvd on, eat, drink and leave me sleep for one more hour? LOL

    P.S Animaniacs are the greatest. Cancel that. Make it Fraggle Rock, Muppets and then Animaniacs!

  15. You can order your pizza online, but if you end up moving make sure to update your account. We did not do that and yes, I ordered a freakin’ pizza and it went to our old house. Ended up being a great week for the new owners, they got a package from us with all of the spare keys we forgot to give them and the garage remote AND they got a large pizza with a 2 litre of soda.

  16. Lil Sachmo surfs the Museum of Natural History’s Dino website for hours on end. He can even use the trackball on the mouse……..scary as hell. He’s 4!

  17. My daughter selected a really cool ring tone for the cell phone yesterday. I often wonder how they know to do that stuff.. Something in the cheerios I figure

  18. My 18 month old shoves DVD’s in the VCR slot- at least he’s close!

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