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It is as if I were Trying to be Even More Suburban

Don’t tell the Stollerderby people, they think I am a witty hipster urban parent. I am about as Suburban as you can get. I live in the suburbs, I drive a mini-van, I have two kids, I shop at The Gap, I belong to multiple books clubs and spend time thinking about my yard. (Okay, […]

Randomness Part 68

Did you guys know that Elizabeth has perfect pitch? I can only think of one other person I know that has this talent. It blows my mind. Do any of the rest of you have perfect pitch? Nobody was shocked that Anna Nicole Smith was on drugs while she was pregnant, right? So, why is […]

Is that some sort of backhanded compliment?

Lately when I do something that Claudia really wants me to do she has an odd way of thanking me. Here is an example, a couple of weeks ago, I washed her red bowl and poured her some Cheerios. “Wow!: she said “You’re really big!” I realize that when a two year old says you […]

A Quick Note on The Oscars

As I watched the 79th Annual Academy Awards I couldn’t help but wonder: Seriously, how can people stand to watch television without TiVo? It took forever and I had to sit through all of those commercials like some kind of sucker. I was up way past midnight and that didn’t bother Ian one bit when […]

The Hits – They Just Keep Coming

These searches are killing me. Who takes their time to type in this stuff? Be careful what you wish for people. Butt Traffic Meredith Viera nipple slip  I got several of these. What did I miss?  Pictures of Ebola People My Mom in the Shower warm butt barfing people in a box dead chicken omen […]

Be Brutally Honest With Me

When were your kids really potty trained? I don’t mean when did they first poop in the potty. I want to know how old they were when you just stopped buying diapers or pull-ups for them completely. When did they poop and pee in the toilet every time, no more relapses and they could sleep […]

Guest Post: Devra Explains the Whole “Kool and the Gang and Whodini” Thing

A couple posts back, Devra offered up some slightly cryptic information about Kool and the Gang and a flat tire. A lot of you were wondering what the hell she was talking about. In a guest post, Devra explains it all. Maybe next time we can get her to tell the story about the time […]

I’ve Been Wondering

Here is a question for you other bloggers out there: Do you ever go to some boring everyday function (like a fundraising meeting or the pediatricians office) and see someone looking at you funny and wonder if they know you from your blog or if they are just looking at you like that because you […]

Randomness Part 67

For when you just don’t have the time to watch the movie. (Thanks Kaiser.) Devra is working on a guest post to explain the whole Whodini/Kool and the Gang tire change thing, hopefully I’ll have that up soon, along with part two of my mailbag. (I’m still open for a few more questions.)Everybody knows that […]

If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions: SATGS mailbag

Fine. It’s not really a mailbag. I told you that you could ask questions in my comment section in my last post. I must have been drunk when I wrote that one. Fortunately, most of you were either too scared (like Bridgette) to ask a question, to polite to ask a question, or you just […]

That Will Teach Me to Be Such a Smart Ass

Hmph. My new friend Beth was being bold the other day, and instead of doing the ubiquitous “5 Weird Things About Me” meme she challenged her readers to ask “outrageous, inappropriate, entertaining, or just plain hilarious (to me) questions” and she would answer them instead. So I, being what I thought was terribly clever (and […]

Randomness Part 66

If I were Arwen, I’d pick Sting. Mark sent me this picture. I can’t stop laughing. He also sent me this video about shoes (I suppose it is sort of about twins). Oh, and beware of the questionable language if you are at work or around your kids. Do you want to see something totally […]