More Grocery Store Trauma

Ian lost his mind in the grocery store check out lane today.


Well, it took me a little while to calm him down enough to get him to tell me the problem. Apparently he thought the lady who checked out in front of use stole our groceries.


Because she left the store with some grocery bags.

*rolling my eyes like crazy*

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I mean – I take the kids to the grocery store two or three times a week every single week. This has never been a problem before. Why today? She seemed like a perfectly nice lady. I don’t get it.

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  1. Love your blog! Am a relatively new reader.
    I have 3 boyz ages 5 and under. Shopping at the grocery store is always an adventure when I have to take them ALONE (please allow me to take a martyrly–is that a word?–bow here). This is how I (barely) make it through: 1. cheese at the deli 2. fruit snacks that we open right there in the aisle (hey, desperate times call for desperate measures); and 3. free cookies in the bakery. And that’s on a GOOD shopping trip. So what if their (baby) teeth rot out of their heads, right??

  2. Maybe she DID steal your groceries…….

  3. The boy was so freaked out I asked the cashier if she took anything. He said no.

  4. I can’t stop laughing very loud!!! No, this has NEVER happened to me. Ian is very special!! :)

  5. Your just lucky he didn’t hop down and chase her out of the store!

  6. Maybe he liked her groceries better.

  7. Now question about it, kids are quirky. You never quite know what’s going to set them off.

  8. Claudia has been telling him he’s adopted and you and Gabe are bank robbers. He trusts no one anymore. (I have this on good authority. Or whatever that means.)

  9. Quit making me laugh, the baby’s asleep!!!

  10. If Ian lost his mind I bet that lady from the grocery store has it.

  11. dragon-mum says:

    PMSL do they ever pick a good time to lose their minds or ever have a good reason for it? Mine sure as hell never do!

    I agree with Devra though. The little old lady is a mind snatcher.

    Okay, I’m off to clean the coffee off the monitor now. Must stop reading blogs whilst drinking coffee!


  12. what’s up with your kids and the grocery store? too bad they don’t do that stuff anymore, but then again it does make good fodder.

  13. My son does the opposite and accuses people of adding things to our groceries. He freaked out yesterday because he saw bananas in our bag. He kept screaming that “she put them in there” and that he didn’t want to eat bananas. No, son, you don’t like banans, but I do! What is up with our kids?!?

  14. Sarah, Peapod may be your salvation.

  15. crap like that happens all the time in our household.

  16. I think your mistake is trying to figure out why. My kid can have a tantrum if I say yes to her. I’ve just begun to carry a flask with me at all times. I find a low, constant, buzz effectively dulls the screaming. Is that wrong?

  17. Never happened to me. My kid only loses it when he can’t have Rolos.

  18. Mine are always too busy trying to push the buttons on the debit machine thingy and I so wish they wouldn’t because ewwww? They NEVER clean that shit…

  19. No, no, we just have a meltdown EVERY SINGLE TIME WE GET TO THE CHECKER because he has to hand over whatever grocery item (pack of turkey dogs/digital pacifier thermometer/bag of celery/hawaiian-themed rubber ducky) he’s chosen to latch onto during that trip, despite the fact that she ALWAYS gives it back right away.

    Why can my child remember something I’ve only done once, like dropping an F-bomb because something exploded all over the kitchen, but cannot remember something that happens EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to the store??

  20. until recently Mira would put the groceries back in our cart after i put them on the belt and then scream bloody murder the second the checker touched ANYTHING “DONT TAKE OUR STUFF!! We HUNGRY!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

    yeah I know your pain

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