Super Bowl Recap: Sarah Style

Well, if it hasn’t changed back yet, you may have noticed that I was rooting for The Colts last night. (Karen must have a lot of free time.) I guess it should be acknowledged that I wasn’t rooting for Indianapolis nearly as much as I was rooting for Tony Dungy. (Yes, he is wearing Bucs stuff in this picture. It’s my blog and I can put up whatever pictures I want.)

I am really glad that he was able to win the Super Bowl as a coach. I really think he is a good guy. (Sure, I could have done with out the whole it can be done the Lord’s way comment.*)

Either way it was a pretty good game. At least the first half was good. All the fumbling made it exciting.

The commercials pretty much sucked. Have I mentioned that Carlos Mencia isn’t funny? I addition to not being funny, why does Bud Light think that it is okay for him to be a racist just because he was born in Honduras?

Speaking of Bud Light making bad decisions – the commercial where everyone was slapping the crap out of each other seems like a good way to get kids into violence.

Oh – the lovely Mommybloggers are featuring me this week, so go read where cool people are saying nice things about me. Speaking of the Mommybloggers, I have to go write an essay for them. Apparently, if they honor you, they also assign you homework.

* As Devra put it so eloquently in an e-mail – …if I want to get me some religion, I most likely will not choose to do so at the Superbowl. I wonder how the non-Christians who are on the Colts felt about his comments. Even (her husband) the agnostic, was irritated, so it just wasn’t me being a cranky Jew.” )

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  1. Oh, I so agree with you about Carlos Mencia — not at all funny. My favorite commercial was the Robert Goulet one, but I must admit to a chuckle when I saw the beard comb-over combined with the jorts…

  2. You gotta be prepared for Dungy to break out the LORD on you.
    Personally, if I believed in God, and then thought that he was taking time out to make sure major sporting events went HIS way ……well, it’d be enough to make me go Pagan.
    Luckily, I’m not burdened with this belief system anymore.

    I am sure that if there were any non-christians on the Colts team, well, they love Tony too and also knew he’d be breaking out the thanks to the Lord etc.

    Kind of like I know that you are going to have beer in your fridge. It’s an absolute – and doesn’t change the way I think about you. (actually, the beer thing makes me like you more).

    Regardless, I’m still HIGH over the victory.

  3. congratulations on the shower of praise. you totally deserve it. awesome! thanks for the advice this weekend. hope breakfast was good!

  4. Ha ha – I love how they said I elbowed everybody out of the way, because I totally did. I was on the phone with Jenn and was all like – OH YEAH I HAVE LOADS TO SAY ABOUT SARAH! But I didn’t tell her about our hot lesbian action. I mean, it’s not YET.
    Tell me when you want me to change your header back and I’ll do it.

  5. Re: the bud light commercial
    We scrambled to be all, “no! no! we don’t git! Hitting is wrong and hitting is mean and they were just pretending.”

    Not 30 minutes later, as were putting Dude to bed, he hauled off and cold cocked my husband in the nose.

  6. We were a bit sad about the Bears, but not surprised given that they have not had an offense to speak of all season. At least it was not a total loss – Ada provided the entertainment. At some point during the game Ada was sitting on her potty, a cold drink in her hand, watching the tv. I thought – well, that’s got to be someone’s idea of heaven.

  7. Awesome header Sarah!! And the game was awesome! I’m glad your team won. Sad for my friend Amy, but at least one of you is happy. :)

    And kudos to the feature! I sent my lovins over there this morning!

  8. God doesn’t give a shit about Linda Hirshman OR football. I know because I asked. (I was very busy yesterday.) But, hey, if it makes Tony feel better, whatever.

  9. I wouldn’t have even known who won, except I watched Criminal Minds after the game, and caught a little of the post game stuff.

  10. So, does this mean God hates Chicago?

  11. The Lord watches NASCAR. That’s it.

  12. Gah, it sucks to live in Canada sometimes. No SuperBowl commercials!

    Now, must go gush over you at MommyBloggers!

  13. I asked Ritch if the commercials weren’t as funny as they used to be, if it was jusst that we weren’t nearly as drunk as we used to be.

  14. Oh, I thought the Taco Bell commercial was funny. It didn’t make me want to go eat Taco Bell especially, but the Lions talking were funny.


  15. Thank you. Thank you for mentioning Mencia. It’s like, it’s perfectly okay to perpetuate racist humor if you’re a minority. It’s fucking annoying is what it is. Plus, you’re right, he isn’t even funny.

  16. Awww, I’ve gotta cut Tony a break. I mean, if your kid kills himself, you can pretty much believe whatever helps you get by. It’s better than what most of the football players I tutored said after big wins anyway!

  17. look at you mrs popular mommy blogger! loved the essay.

  18. I just found out from my male sporting guru (yes, Sarah, you’re still my regular sports guru) that Dungy was making a reference to his belief in God, not insulting anyone who is not Christian or trying to insult anyone. He just believes that his faith led him through to a win.

  19. Dungy has had a terrible year. In fact it was heartbreaking. No parent should have to outlive their child. I am sure his faith got him thru way more than just this football season.

    But,while Dungy may not have intended to insult anyone, he may have come off as if he were proselytizing and being exclusionary to non-Christians, and he also may have annoyed Christians who aren’t into public displays of Christianity, particularly if they are done on a Sunday at a sporting event. I have Christian friends who don’t wanna combine their worship of football with their worship of the lord.

    I think he also may have unintentionally distracted from a historic event. There have been plenty of Christian coaches who have brought their teams to victory in the superbowl, but to have two African American coaches be there at the same time is a first and it is particularly significant since most of the African Americans dominating sports have a disproportionate representation of strategic leadership in those institutions. It’s about time Black folk have been able to drink from that fountain, so to speak. Afer all it’s been a really long time since Brown VS Board of education!

    As a graduate of an historically Black university, I guess I just wanted to hear Dungy make more of a statement about how it should be something ordinary -not extraordinary- in these modern times, to have Black folk in leadership positions.

    But maybe with the hard year he has had, his faith was more on his mind. Which under the circumstances, is understandable. Hell, maybe if I led my team to the superbowl I would have asked everyone to join me in the Shekianu. ; )

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