Because I’ve got Nothing Else Going On

No. Really. I can’t think of anything else to write about. I’ve already written about saving money on groceries and a child porn ring over on Strollerderby, and now I’ve got nothing left to say. The kids had a snow day and we’re still sick and we didn’t leave the house.

I have no choice but to leave you with search terms that brought people to my lovely blog this week:

most bulimics die near the toilet

I wonder if that is true.

does Chuck E. Cheese serve beer?

Yes they do. That is how they get people like me to go there and eat their crappy pizza.

yes, it was my Grandmother

marble poop

hilarious names for horses

Burt Reynolds, Hamburglar… Ian says Quack Quack is funny, but he’s two.

meredith viera nipple slip

I’m brown and sound like a bell


Is that supoosed to be hypenated?

antechrist Peter Tosh

Sarah smells bad

Shut up, jerk. YOU smell bad.

and I leave you with this one:

dicks have drive and clarity of vision

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  1. We are similarly experiencing cabin fever at my household. The baby is sick and my other son’s preschool keeps closing due to the weather. He’s literally bouncing off the walls!!

  2. Funny that you mention search terms leading to your Blogsite. I just wrote about the same thing, and mentioned you in the blog.

  3. I just love seeing what freaky ass things people search for on the web. The horror I experience that it drove them to my blog is so outweighed by the sheer humor of it all.

    Two inches of snow and they cancel school! The streets were fine by my house!

  4. We have had several searches which deal with “zwicky”. What is that? I am fairly confident we have not discussed “play dress your zwicky” or “dress up zwicky game” or “zwicky dress up game for kids”.

    Word of caution, if you blog about headlice, you are gonna get people who are looking for questions like:

    “Can lice fall out of your scalp onto your face?” and “Should you tell co-workers you have lice?”

  5. Dicks have drive and clarity of vision sounds like a great first line of a poem.

    Or a great motivational speech for underachieving genitalia.

  6. Love it.

    Snow day? I though you were down south…

  7. dicks have drive and clarity of vision

    Yes… yes they do…

  8. Hey, now wait a sec! I have drive and clarity of vision… Oh, OK.

  9. “dicks have drive and clarity of vision” LMAO. I can’t let Hoop get ahold of that quote. He’ll be using it all the time.

    My favorite was “marble poop.” I mean, really… WTH?

  10. oh, come on, you know you totally smell bad…just admit it…:)

  11. We just discovered Chuck’s beer. I think he makes it in the pizza batter or the ball jump.

  12. Today I got a hit from a search for “skivvies filene.” Doesn’t that sound like some kind of gangster in a 40s movie? “I smelled a rat. It was my old pal Skivvies Filene.”

  13. Hi Sarah
    Can you tell me how you do this ? how you found out what drove people to your site?

    I would like to find out if people even hit my site !

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