Anna Nicole Smith (1967 – 2007)

The only thing that surprises me about Anna Nicole’s death is how many people seem to be surprised.

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  1. I know. I thought everyone knew she’d be crushed by the weight of those enormous implants eventually.

    That said, I do feel desperately sorry for her baby daughter. No matter what we think of Anna Nicole, that little girl is going to grow up never having known her mother. Tragic.

  2. I was surprised I will admit, but mostly saddened at the thought of her baby. Anna Nicole’s life was so crazy, I really hope her baby is sheltered from that.

  3. I think it is profoundly sad. First that she had to bury her son and now her daughter will be without a mom.

    I will have to get over myself and realize Anna Nicole won’t be going on Maury Povitch to learn the results of the paternity test. I’d thought that would have been a shoe-in for February sweeps.

  4. Me too. Seriously. I’m just going to go right ahead and say what I’ve been thinking all day: here’s hoping her daughter gets a shot at being raised by someone normal.

  5. I’m still a little shocked she managed to stay famous for this long.

  6. Huh. I hate myself for caring about this or thinking it is news.

  7. My first thought, her poor baby girl. My second thought, (although she may not agree with me), maybe this is a good thing for that baby. Other than that, I was only surprised that it took this long.

  8. I’m surprised at how surprised I was.

  9. Actually what disturbed me the most is she is my age. Of course I was never as tall as she was…

  10. Cocaine does tend to grab a person by the nuts (figuretivly in this case) if you’re as stressed out as she musta been. Poor kid….and she might just be

  11. Same here. My husband asked, “Do you think drugs or alcohol were involved in her death?” and I said, “Gee, you think?”

    What would surprise me is if she *didn’t* die as a result of drugs and alcohol. She was self-destructing all over the place – it was bound to happen soon.

  12. I’m not surprised or saddened for Nicole or the baby. Having grown up with an acoholic mother, I feel that baby is probably better off now.

    It would have been irresponsible to allow such a person to be a parent, as drugged up as Nicole always seemed to be.

  13. I’m with Devra. I’m shocked she was almost 40.

  14. I was stunned.
    And then I read the story and realized it happened in Florida and as we all know, all stupid things happen in Florida so of course, if she was going to die some stupid death it’d be here.
    I was sad for her baby girl, but maybe the kid has more of a CHANCE now, especially if the lawyer is her dad.
    He seems normal…….just smitten with a blonde ditz.
    I guess I mistakenly thought she had gotten her shit somewhat together……

    must’ve been the TRIMSPA.

  15. I want to know why she had a private nurse with her. That’s not your typical traveling companion or hotel roommate.

    As I wrote over at MamaPop, I’ve always considered ANS to be a somewhat tragic figure. Her premature demise confirms that opinion. So sad for her daughter. It’s hard to grow up without your mom, even if she was ANS.

  16. She was high as a kite on her intervies on ET. I wasn’t surprised at her death, I just had a little disbelief at first. My sister and I were thinking it was a media ploy at first.

    Oh wait! It kind of is!

  17. I think it’s more that we’re all surprised that we’re surprised, not so much that we were surprised. You know?

    And I still think there has got to be something to the fact that the crazy astronaut lady and ANS’s death both happened in Florida. Damn Mickey Mouse, anyway.

  18. The lawyer did it. First he fathers the kid, then takes out the son, now ANS. Where does her money go? I bet the lawyer. I never trusted that guy. All the nuts roll down to Florida.

  19. Amen to that Sarah…. Amen to that, but still it’s sad.

  20. Rhonda Nichols says:

    I find it hard to believe anyone really cares that she is gone. I have to admit that I was more freaked out that her mom was on national tv this morning telling the world ” I told her to stop using drugs” “that she would be next if she didn’t and now she is next”.

    Her Half sister was quoted as saying ” she was an emotional train wreak” Are there any american women out there who couldn’t tell that she was a train wreak? I mean I know why the men can’t see it LOL

    As for the baby not getting to know her mom. I would have to say if it was anyone of you, whos blogs i have been reading because I found one by mistake. I would have to say I would feel sorry for each and everyone of your children as I would my own. However she hasn’t proved that she deserves to be called a mom.

    I will leave you with one question. How many of you left your 5 month old children in another country and took off? And how many of you would do that? I think this question will answer its self.

    Sara, I have been reading your blog forever and I love it!

    Rhonda Nichols
    New Ipswich, NH if anyone would like to know more about why i feel this way.

  21. Move over astronut diaper lady. Your 15 minutes are up.

  22. Totally agree.

  23. Oops.

    I was surprised. For about three minutes. Then I remembered her drunken, slurred attempts at award giving and interviews. She was a mess.

    The poor baby. I hope they figure out the paternity issue IMMEDIATELY.

  24. And she’ll only be remembered for two words.

    “Trimspa, baby.”


  25. It actually saddens me that it’s getting so much ridiculous media coverage. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us.

  26. All I’m concerned about is her child. Who knows what she’ll have to go through?

  27. Bless her heart.

  28. EXACTLY! Next on Shockingly Obvious Theater….The World Is Round!

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