I Don’t Even Follow My Own Advice, Why Should You?

I am such a moron. Yesterday I wrote an article for Strollerderby about ways to save money on groceries. Today I went grocery shopping. Thrifty Mommy listed 50 ways to save money. I used zero of those fifty ideas and I spent nearly the GDP of East Timor.

At least the kids were good at the grocery store this time.

But then we went to CVS. I needed to get valentines for the kids in The Goon Squad’s pre-school class. My kids are so typical. Claudia picked the “Hello Kitty” valentines and Ian picked the ones with “Thomas the Tank Engine” on them.

Then Ian picked up the Spicy Nacho style Doritos from the end display and tried to open them right in the store. His reason? “I’m hungry”. Then he pushed his sister and she started screaming and laid down (layed down?) in the aisle. It was awesome. The screaming continued well into the parking lot, but not before the cashier explained to me how that was why he was never going to have children.

Wow, Mister. Thanks.

Maybe they should offer tact training for all CVS employees.

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  1. I can’t beleive he said that to you! I’m telling you, kids these days have no work ethic. (I’m an old fogey. Not sure when THAT happened)

    You should have complained and tried to get money off your bill 😉

  2. Hi Sarah. Sorry you didn’t get to use any tips. I’m sure if you looked down the list, you might be surprised that you followed at least one of them. I was laughing at your CVS experience. CVS is close to my work and sometimes I have to stop by there on my way home from work, with a tired toddler and his 3-year-old sister. It’s not a fun experience. The carts there are so small and my 3 y.o. always promises to be good so that she can walk around. I usually start out with both of them in the cart, but then have to let her walk because of the lack of cart space. I feel your pain. lol
    Oh goodness. Valentine’s Day is next week and I don’t have Valentine’s for my kids to give out yet.

  3. People like that cashier make me a firm believer in post-term abortion.

    Figure it out.


  4. I was in CVS the other night, and the dude behind the counter looked like he was about to pass out. He looked like he’d been awake for three days. Who knows, maybe he had been. Something tells me that employment there isn’t too tough to acquire.

  5. It’s probably for the best that snarkers working at CVS *NOT* procreate.

  6. Evidently I won’t need to help my 6 year old make valentines for his classmates. He just announced “I am not going to do valentines for everyone in my class. I am NOT writing all that stuff down. Forget it.”

    The next time someone like the CVS dude makes a comment like that you could try this response, “I bet your parent would have loved to have someone make that kind of comment because it is oh so very helpful. Oh wait. Maybe I am mistaken. Tell me, were you born an adult?”

  7. I’ve heard things like “that’s what I call birth control”. Assholes.

  8. I don’t shop at CVS because of the employee comments.

    I have bought three pregnancy tests there since I’ve been married. Every. Single. Time. The cashier has given me this pathetic look, like I’m some 15 year old girl in trouble (I’m 27 and married and a baby would be a blessing! Jerk!) and has actually said, “Good luck. I hope it’s negative, for your sake.”


    I really should have reported them, but between the shock of the comment and going home to find the tests negative, I just never persued it.


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