Randomness Part 65

Sorry I left that Anna Nicole post up for so long. I’ve been feeling a little blocked for ideas. Maybe it has something to do with my sinus issues. Go read this stuff instead:

Here’s one for all the rest of you wine drinkers. “Fine, Fine, Wine“. (Thanks Lori)

It isn’t that it is funny that he is going to have a baby. It is funny that the headline says Kevin Costner Pregnant. Now THAT would actually be newsworthy.

What cities have you known?

Janice Dickinson wishes more young models were anorexic.

I have a question for everyone. I watched the first couple episodes of “Weeds” and I thought it was just okay. Can someone explain to me why everyone went nuts over it? It is because the white suburban mom deals pot? Gabe thinks that it is racist because they are always showing the African-Americans playing dominoes and bidding on rims on eBay. I don’t believe that Nancy would have any reason to be friends with Ceila. Plus, you know she could make a ton of money if she sold that big house and she could move somewhere where she doesn’t hate every other member of the PTA.

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  1. I haven’t seen the first few episodes, but I did watch most of last season (or has it only had one season?) on Showtime. Like many TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives), I find the main female character completely unsympathetic and annoying. However, the supporting cast (Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins, Romany Malco) is fantastic. And Romany Malco is HOT.

    I got hooked on the show when I watched the episode where Mary-Louise Parker’s youngest son was clogging the house’s plumbing by flushing his jerk-off tube socks down the toilet. Mary-Louise Parker’s brother in law had to teach the kid more acceptable ways (and places) to jerk off, one of which was to use an empty banana peel. Twisted and hilarious.

  2. I only watched the first few episodes…my husband went wild over it, but I just didn’t really feel it. It’s got a funny story line with the middle-class white mom selling dope and all, but all the relationships are really messed up. I think the best part of the show are the African-Americans!!!!!

  3. Weeds rocks because:

    1. Mary-Louise Parker is super hot.
    2. It’s funny and twisted.
    3. Mary-Louise Parker is super hot.

  4. I never got into that show either. I caught a few episodes when we were in a hotel and when we moved into our place when it was ready, didn’t even bother to watch it and we had showtime.

  5. They were tasting the Vince at total beverage on Saturday. Heard at the tasting counter: “Honey, if he makes wine like he makes music, I’m all over it.”

  6. I love weeds, I know women who ahve bought into the ‘stay at home, look good, have quiet polite children and be closet alcoholic / drug addicts/ pilferers.’ Women our age like that. I totally see myself selling pot if hubby kicked it except that I make more than he does.

  7. Hey I really enjoy your blog!

    I love the show weeds. i like programming that challenges the status quo and portrays real life. the show that really was over the top and for me that s saying alot, was when her daughter and friend kiss and announce they are lesbian..crazy show but i think it’s got something good.

  8. Mary-Louise Parker is my girl crush, and I had a coworker who recommended Weeds, but I didn’t get into it like I thought I would. Some of the assumptions of the plot annoyed me. I did watch the first season, but I’m not sure I’ll pursue the 2nd season.

    Also, that “what cities have you known” post was very cool. Thanks for linking it.

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