Only Read This Post if You Like Folk Music

I’m not kidding. If you are into folk music please leave a comment. I have some questions.

If you don’t like folk music, don’t make fun of us. I mean them. I mean – mind your own beeswax, didn’t you read the title?

(No, Pierre, this is not another excuse to harass me about liking Howie Long.)

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  1. No love for the Folk Music yet? Wait until my sister sees this. She and Jeromy really like Folk.

  2. I like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. That’s all I know.

  3. Some, depends who. Do listen to Eddie From Ohio? They are a local folk band who I’ve been listening to for years. Love Nickle Creek too.

  4. So – when will we see more skeletons in that closet of yours?

    Folk music? Folk music? So disappointed.

  5. Folk music! Good Lord, what will you hipster parents come up with next?


  6. And why?????

  7. Uh, I like an odd brand of folk – I enjoy renaissance faire music. Lots of good modern folk songs and reworked 16th century songs.

  8. Um, some folk is okay. Allison Krauss, without Union Station, is good. I think modern folk defies category. But I’m just starting to learn to like it.

    God, I’m so lame. I’m going to drown myself in the toilet.

  9. Love it love it love it.


  10. so what constitutes folk music? Neil Young, Joni Mitchell. Gordon Lightfoot? Curious about wher you are going with this…

  11. Not a fan of the generic term “folk music” but I likes plenty of music that would qualify. What gives?

    (Btw, your Amazon ads over there picked up on the folk theme — it’s offering to sell me “Folk Hits of the ’60s.”)

  12. I’m not sure if it’s really folk music, but I’m a big fan of Peter Paul and Mary, the Chad Mitchell trio, the Brothers Four… all the stuff my mom played around the house when I was a kid.

  13. When I first read this post I could only think of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, who I love. After reading all the responses I realize I like a lot of folk music.

  14. There’s all kinds of great folk music out there that defies the insipid “If I had a Hammer” stereotype! Abigail Washburn comes to mind. I don’t usually listen to folk music either, but found out about her through a piece on NPR– she’s amazing!

    You could always do a search on for “folk music” (but with quotes around it, otherwise you come up with all kinds of unrelated things)- they’ve got a lot of interesting articles on there with clips included so you can listen first and see if the music speaks to you.

  15. Over The Rhine, Hem, Patti Griffin, The Weepies, Eddie from Ohio, Tara MacLean, Ollabelle, The Duhks, Dar Williams, Michelle Shocked, Old Crow Medicine Show, Beth Orton, Gram Parsons, Gillian Welch, Jess Klein, K.T. Turnstall, Nanci Griffith, Sonia Dada, The Innocence Mission …

    Should I go on?

  16. Cara in Exile says:

    I just know that I shocked a baby boomer last fall when I sang (and knew all the words to) Little Houses. She said she didn’t think anyone my age (under 40, I think she meant) knew that song.

  17. Big folkie here. Our church hosted the Weavers tribute group last spring and I took the kids (who liked it). The first “baby” thing I bought was Woody Guthrie’s “Grow Big” song collection, on cassette. Totally raised on Peter, Paul & Mary, as well as the New Christie Minstrels, etc., etc., and my daughter could sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” before her second birthday. But why are you asking?

  18. I grew up on folk music. How could I not with a mom who was a member of Students for a Democratic Society and went to college with Abbie Hoffman? Although my dad was a bit more pragmatic. My mother wanted to go to Woodstock and my father’s response was “Parking will be hell Judy”.

  19. I don’t know if “Storyhill” (aka: Chris & Johnny) is considered Folk but, I LOVE them. I like Nickel Creek too.

  20. Folk it up!

  21. I love a lot of East Coast (Canadaian) music that could be categorized as folk. I also loves me some Aimee Man and I think that could also fall under that category. Try some Great Big Sea, and Kilt.

  22. Define “folk.”

  23. I trust you’ve seen “A Mighty Wind”?

  24. I have a major crush on Pete Seeger. At least as he was in the 60’s. I can sing along to every freakin’ word of his Carnegie Hall concert CD … both discs … and I do. Love, love, love the music. And Woody Guthrie. Good stuff.

    It’s because of Seeger that I know that “Little Houses” (referenced above) was written by Malvena Reynolds, who wrote a song “every day before breakfast. And with output like that, you can’t help but write some good ones.” Hah. Sounds like good ol’ Pete would love the theory of blogging….

    So … why? What’s up?

  25. Most of the ‘folky’ stuff I like is technically bluegrass, though I also listen to many of the artists that Alison listed above.

  26. There was a lot of Bluegrass listed above, and some country, not sure if they fall into folk. Of course I listen to tons of stuff that iTunes calls folk and I wouldn’t ever have thought that was the case. Brett Dennen, Josh Ritter, and Iron and Wine come to mind.

  27. A few others that sometimes fall under the folk category but may be more acoustic/alternative/singer-songwriter are Joshua Radin, Cary Brothers, Matt Costa, Teddy Geiger, Rufus Wainwright, and Jose Gonzales.

  28. I’m English, and love Seth Lakeman, Equation, Kate Rusby, Eliza Carthy, Kathryn Roberts, Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, Nick Cave….Didn’t stand a chance, grew up with parents who ran folk festivals, my dad even played on Seth Lakeman’s new album.

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