Randomness Part 66

If I were Arwen, I’d pick Sting.

Mark sent me this picture. I can’t stop laughing. He also sent me this video about shoes (I suppose it is sort of about twins). Oh, and beware of the questionable language if you are at work or around your kids.

Do you want to see something totally addictive?

A penalty for stupid, indeed.

Becky sent me a link that was so strange I had to write about it over on Strollerderby. Three schools went on lockdown because a child spotted… Batman.

The other day I told Ian something that I would like to add to my growing list of things I never thought I would say: “No we’re not watching “The Simpsons”, we’re watching “Studio 60″ and when you are 11 you can stay up and watch Sorkin shows”. What the hell kind of freak tells there two year old completely random stuff like that? The same one that told him last week that “When you are 34 you can stay up late and do dishes, too!”. Being a grown up is totally overrated.

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  1. that might be the most hilarious photo i have EVER seen.
    ay oh, oh ay!

  2. PMSL yes being a grown up is over rated and then some. Most nights I am up til 2am doing dishes, meals, lunches and getting everything ready for the morning.

    Kids go to bed…. house looks like a tornado met a nuclear bomb and came to my joint for a party.

    Kids wake up…. everything is in it’s place and all evidence of the party has been removed.

    Apparently we have “cleaning fairies”. It has NOTHING to do with me. Or the MASSIVE bags under my eyes.

    I am going to have words with the slackarsed fairies. They better start pulling their weight so I can get some beauty sleep :)

    Love the pic of Tony Danza

  3. I saw Danza on the Bossapalooza tour. He freaking rocked!

  4. WTHWAP. That is the sound of me throwing my bra at the computer screen. hehehe. that pic is too funny. By the way… i have you on my RSS feed now… so i can actually keep remembering to check you every day. i love living in the future.

  5. Tony Danza wearing a fishnet tank top and batman gloves? I’m blind!

  6. The Danza is HAWT! 😉

  7. Thanks for the link!

    And yes, it was stupid. Silly boys. What were they thinking? Well, I guess I know, but come on!

  8. Glenn Danzig used to be one of my pretend boyfriends. I think it may be ruined now that I have seen the photo of Tony Danza on his body! I need to go dig out a Danzig album and fix the picture now stuck in my head!

  9. Great, great picture!

  10. All I can say is, OMG!

  11. Mr. 10 used to accuse us of staying up late and having pizza parties without him. Oh how I wish they were pizza parties!!

  12. That Danza picture RULES! If only…

    And by the way, Life of Pi was awesome…I really loved it, and it had a great ending, too, which I can only say of about five books I’ve ever read.

  13. Love Danzig/a.

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