I’ve Been Wondering

Here is a question for you other bloggers out there:

Do you ever go to some boring everyday function (like a fundraising meeting or the pediatricians office) and see someone looking at you funny and wonder if they know you from your blog or if they are just looking at you like that because you took a shower and went to sleep on wet hair and you look like Crazy Cat Lady?

Just me?

Fine then. How about this… have you ever been at a regular non-blogging function and been recognized? Or have you ever been somewhere normal and recognized another blogger?

I haven’t. Yet. But I look for you people at the grocery store… consider yourself warned.

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  1. I would suggest, given the history, you go alone to the grocery store when on the prowl for bloggers, otherwise I fear Ian and Claudia may just take down the entire store on their own. Or you could just hit the wine store and bars in the area.

  2. My blog isn’t quite as popular. :(

    P.S. I shop at the Acme on 13, next to Toys R Expensive. Come and get me, baby.

  3. My blog isn’t nearly as high up on the radar as yours is…I get recognized by old students and their parents in CVS while I’m buying condoms…Fun Fun Fun…

  4. I leave my hat at home so nobody recognizes me.

  5. No pictures on my blog and I used pseudonyms, so no way to recognize me. However, one night I went to dinner at the same restaurant that I had just recommended via email to a blog reader that day. Everytime I saw a couple come in with a toddler boy, I tried to make hopeful – but not stalker – eye contact, wondering if each woman was Molly. We later emailed and she told me she had been doing the same thing to all the couples in the restaurant with blonde girls. I think we legitimately missed each other that night, though.

  6. No. I’m not quite that cool just yet.

    But I have had several experiences of chatting with a friend I haven’t seen in a while and having them interrupt my storytelling glory to say, “Oh, right, I read about that on your blog.”

    Which I always find disconcerting and creepy. Is feigning ignorance no longer considered polite?

  7. Twice. Once my wife was out and a random person came up to her and asked, “Are those the LookyDaddy twins?” For all I know, she’s been asking every set of twins she’s met for months.
    But my favorite was when I was at a local quirky store. I needed a birthday card for my wife, but I couldn’t fit the double stroller down the card aisle so I asked the woman working there if she could go down and get me a very irreverent card for my wife. She brought back a “My Dearest Wife” type of card, and when I said, “If I gave that to my wife, she’d think I was having an affair,” another person standing nearby turned to me and said, “You must be LookyDaddy.”

  8. I’m totally paranoid so I would have to say yes to the first question leaning more towards crazy cat lady.

  9. Karen from Trollbaby recognized me SL but it could just because the Queen told her who I was.

    I didn’t think that she read me…….but I could be wrong.

  10. Occasionally someone from Way Down In Mayberry (that I don’t even know) will come up to me and say they read my blog but most are lurkers and won’t comment.
    People are always staring at me. I can never understand why. I’m always checking my teeth for spinach. Now that my head looks like Britney Spears though, at least I know why they are staring.

  11. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Sometimes I walk around malls and point at women pushing strollers holding twins and scream, “Sarah! From Sarah and the Goon Squad! Omigod, It’s you! It’s really you!”

    Often they just throw themselves over their children and weep for what they fear will come next. The fact that I’m in North Carolina stacks the odds of my running into you in a mall against me, but I’m no quitter…I’m hoping that someday it actually IS you and we can have coffee.

  12. I was recognized by a waitress once, and about once a month I’m told, “You look familiar,” but I don’t offer the why. 😉
    If they didn’t know me from there and then I ask if they know me from online, that would be totally geeky wouldn’t it?

  13. Mostly I just have my extended family reading my blog. And I don’t post pictures. So if someone is looking at me while I’m out, I probably won’t notice.

    And being in Oklahoma, I doubt you’ll ever see me in a mall or store near you.

  14. I’m so absorbed in trying to keep my toddler’s hands to herself I don’t even notice if other people are around anymore, much less if they’re staring at me.

  15. Not for my blog, no. But a few years back (ok, almost a decade now), I had the first ever fan site for a band that I liked and followed around all over the place before they were signed by a major label, won a Grammy and their music started totally sucking. I was in Chicago to see a show, and as I was walking up to the entrance of the House of Blues, some complete stranger approached me and said, “Are you Val?” I stepped back and said, “Maaay-beee…” He had recognized me from photos on my site. I was a little creeped out at first, but I got over it. I met a lot of people through that band and my website and they were mostly all very nice people.

  16. I’ve had two people say that they read my blog when I’ve met them, but they were friends of friends so it isn’t that odd.

    Plus, my mother sends my ramblings all over her office, so every time I visit her I hear things about myself that I wasn’t expecting.

    Then of course there was the matter of the high school kids and the autograph session. I’m still riding high on that one.

  17. I once went to a bar to meet some co-workers and the hostess took a look at me, stared at me hard. I was thinking “Wow, I wonder if she knows me from my book or my blog.” and then she exclaims, “Holy crap, you gotta realize how much you look like Punky Brewster!”

  18. Never been recognized. But I guess you have to post pics for that to happen.

  19. Living so close to you I’m now a little scared!! Should I stay away from Wegman’s (don’t you love that place?)?

    You can’t really tell what I look like from my blog photo…but my blog’s not as popluar as some people’s either.

    Thinking about the BlogHer conference. Now that would be a weird time.

  20. Yes….. I read a couple of blogs that I know have local authors and I am always on the look out for them at the supermarket, pediatrican’s office, etc.

    I have not approached or been approached by fellow bloggers — but Mr Big Dubya has. He was thrilled to meet the other blogger, I’m not sure what I’d do if I came across one in real life — part of me thinks it would be cool to chat — the other part enjoys the anonymity.

  21. I have not yet been recognized. I’m only a little bitter about that.

  22. that was so you outside my window last night, wasn’t it?

  23. I haven’t, probably because I look like standard issue white guy. My wife, on the other hand, has been spotted several times out in public from her website. It always weirds her out.

  24. A handful of people I know in real life do read mine, and it always kind of throws me for a loop when they reference something they’ve read. I kind of live in fear of my former students reading it, not because it is X rated or anything, but it is kind of weird to think of 15-year-olds whose essays I’ve graded reading mine.

  25. I’ve never met a fellow blogger in public that wasn’t planned/on purpose. But I think about it all the time. “Does he blog? She seems like someone I blog with.” It’s gotten to the point that I use blogging like a compliment. “You’re funny! You should start a blog!” *Sigh* I’m such a loser.

  26. I get recognized by my blog readers all the time! I can’t go anywhere. There they are, accosting me, butting into my privacy. I don’t even have a photo up.

    I just say, “Mom, Dad, Husband, Best Friend…back away from the bloglebrity.”

    There are a few bloggers in my town’s area but probably an hour away. Haven’t run across anyone local. I’m not even sure how to look. So haven’t seen anyone. That I know of.

    Of course…I’ve lost that functioning portion of my brain due to the first pregnancy. I’d probably just stare in consternation, chewing my lip, thinking, huh, looks familiar but just can’t place it. Once upon a time I might have inquired, but now I have to keep my grip on two runners.

  27. Last summer I acosted a woman (sure that I knew her through blogging) only later realizing that I’d met her at a focus group I did with new moms. (of course I didn’t mention blogs when I asked her if we knew one another, because I didn’t want to seem any crazier than I already did.)

    I don’t post a lot of photos of myself, but since I do show Ada, I sometimes wonder if people are looking at her because they’ve seen her, or because she’s wearing 3 clashing stripes.

  28. No, I just have random women wander into my office.

  29. No, I think I actually have to build a readership before I’m at risk to be recognized. 😉

    Once I get hugely popular and discovered and everything, I might have to reconsider the wisdom of keeping my name (markira) on my license plate. (I wonder if Dooce has a vanity plate? What about you, Sarah? Do you have GOONSQD on yours?) mk

  30. When I got off the plane in San Jose (for Blogher), I saw and recognized Amalah. I was so star struck (I’m really bad at that sort of stuff…even with local news anchors, etc), I couldn’t say anything to her and made Karl ask what her name was. When she said “Amy” I shrieked at her because I TOTALLY KNEW THAT WAS HER!!!!!!

    Yikes. I scare myself sometimes.

  31. I do that and I don’t even know if other bloggers are in the area anymore. Crazy, I know.

  32. I’m pretty sure I saw Melissa from Suburban Bliss at a grocery store in Michigan when I was there for Christmas, but I wasn’t 100% sure and I didn’t want to be creepy. So I just stared and told my mom to look (she reads blogs too….it’s our little thing we do together) and see what she thought and she wasn’t sure, so I think the two of us checking them out was probably 100000% creepier than if I’d just gone up to her and asked.

    Nobody’s recognized me, but I know a lot of my readers in real life. I did get an email today from a high school classmate that I haven’t seen in 19 years who found my blog, though. Does that count?

  33. The only time I’ve recognized a blogger was at BlogHer, so I don’t think that oughtta count. It’s never happened to me in “real life.” Certainly no one has recognized me out in public. Who the hell would be in this little town, anyway?

  34. No, but now that you’ve put this thought in my head, I’m going to only leave the house wearing ginormous sunglasses a la Nicole Richie and keep a pen and pad handy just in case someone asks for my autograph. One can never be too prepared in a situation with their fans.

  35. I figure everyone knows my mom, and they are looking at me because they are pretty sure I’m her daughter – I look quite a bit like her. She’s very well known in my hometown, and I now live about 45 min away from there (but only about 15 miles – it’s all small roads). I was the teenager whose mom really *did* know everything she did because I looked like her and her friends reported back to her. grrrrrr….

    I like the idea that maybe they know me from my (lower on the radar) blog. That sounds better! Plus my currently magenta highlights are attracting attention.

  36. I’m not nearly big time enough for that, but here’s a pathetic little confession: Whenever I’m travelling to a city where I know a famous blogger lives or am in an airport, I always look for them. Pretty lame.

  37. I was in Baltimore this week, and I was on the lookout for the Goon Squard. Alas, I did not see them in the area I was in (Fell’s Point).

    We have been recognized from photos that were in a local newspaper article. And, people I know always know about what’s going on in our life – which is sometimes creapy.

  38. I’ve never recognized a blogger or been recognized myself (at least as far as I know). But I’ve read about that happening to other bloggers, and I know it would really freak me out if it happened to me. I think I would feel famous! For about 10 seconds. :)

  39. I look for people!

    I had been chatting in a few chat rooms about 7 years ago. And this guy called vtcowboy would chat with me for hours. It was long before most were “blogging” so i didn’t have a pic on my site. Hell I didn’t even have a site to be honest. So he sent me a picture of himself. Not very flattering to say the least. ( no he wasn’t nakkid ) just looked like something out of Deliberance! Ok so anyway. I was at this bar with friends. And he was THERE!! lol so I harassed him all night. See I knew who he was and what he looked like so I had the upper hand !! Oh i don’t worry I don’t do that to normal people just those who ” want to cyber” which I am so not into!

  40. Well yes I do. But it’s silly because 1) like no one reads my blog and 2) I have been getting weird looks for years I should be used to it by now. Seriously, someone needs to tell me why people look at me like that. Weird looks.

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