A Quick Note on The Oscars

As I watched the 79th Annual Academy Awards I couldn’t help but wonder:

Seriously, how can people stand to watch television without TiVo? It took forever and I had to sit through all of those commercials like some kind of sucker. I was up way past midnight and that didn’t bother Ian one bit when he came into my bedroom this morning at 6:30 asking for yogurt.

As far as inventions go, if I had to live without either a microwave or my DVR I honestly think I would keep my TiVo.

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  1. Whoever invented TiVo got screwed out of the Nobel Prize.

  2. The Oscars without TiVo would be less useful than microwave popcorn without the microwave.

  3. No tivo here (and gasp, no cable either). We had to choose between cable and internet, and I decided I could live without the former but not the latter. Plus, we can get things we REALLY want on dvd from our close pals’ tivo… the academy awards doesn’t qualify for that, though.

  4. … could have watched the Oscars all night.

    I’ve never been so nervous. I hid behind the Kaiser when his category came up.

    And then squeezed him like mad when he won.

    Thats right. He’s a badass.

  5. Not even a doubt in my mind. DVR=essential

  6. I’m feeling you. I can’t stand to watch commercials, so I generally don’t watch TV (or if I do, I read something or do something else when commercials are on). I just don’t want to pay for cable + tivo if it’s just me in the house. :)

  7. I haven’t had any experience with Tivo, then again, I may watch a t.v. program once every two weeks.

  8. i know. i was dying last night. i’m so used to watching shows and fast-forwarding the commercials…i NEED my dvr.

  9. My Oscar recap would have been so much easier to write if I had Tivo… I dont get out much and going to an Oscar party was a real treat for me… but after about 10 o’clock the Oscar show sort of goes fuzzy and I”m surly paying for it today… Tip: hang overs and twins are not a good combination

  10. Since I am no longer a seat filler at the Oscars, it’s just easier to pop in a movie and be surprised when you read about who won the next day.

  11. here here. boo microwaves. yay dvr!

  12. I half-ass watched it and was DVRing it so I could go back and really watch it. But after the little bit that I saw, I think I’ll just delete it. Booooring. And, yes, DVR is the best invention ever. I kiss mine before going to bed at night.

  13. I totally agree with you, life without a DVR is just painful now.

  14. How did people with kids ever live without DVR, especially if you don’t have any babysitters? I love mine to death! (Commercials, what are those?)

  15. You said, “…how can people stand to watch television without TiVo?”

    I can’t…my eyes are still bleeding from last night’s show!!!

  16. I tuned in late. Saw the adapted screen play award, the special effects award and the one Tom Cruise presented … then fell asleep on the couch.

  17. Worst. Oscars. Ever.

    Why was it the worst? Two words: Celine. Dion.

    Makes me long for Rob Lowe singing with Snow White…

  18. Call me not spoiled – somehow I manage to make it through day to day life watching regular ‘ol TV without TiVo or a DVR. Honestly, commercials do suck most of the time. They would be so much more exciting if they didn’t play the same ones every other break.

    Without commercials, I wouldn’t know that BAM! Easy Off works better than the leading bathroom/kitchen cleaner. Without commercials, I probably would not have discovered some fantastic music (ie: The New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream – from the Intel commercials). I’ll keep my commercials for now.

  19. you know, it took me about 4 months before i realized the value of tivo. partly because i was so freakin nauseous that nothing seemed very good to me this winter. but i agree – after staying up til 12:30 to watch the oscars, with commercials, i was like “WHAT!” at least it only happens once a year, and from now on, enjoy your tivo-ed shows!

  20. Tivo changed my life. I can’t even remember what it was like to watch commercials.

    What I do with things like the Oscars: Sit down to watch it when it is at least halfway over, then fast forward to the good parts. I usually catch up toward the end and only have to endure a little while or “real-time” tv.

  21. We haven’t had a microwave since 1999. We miss it about once every 2 months. Trey orders out a lot while I am on the road. I would beat someone if they took my DVR away

  22. Amen! You can pry my Tivo from my cold, dead hands!

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