Is that some sort of backhanded compliment?

Lately when I do something that Claudia really wants me to do she has an odd way of thanking me.

Here is an example, a couple of weeks ago, I washed her red bowl and poured her some Cheerios.

“Wow!: she said “You’re really big!”

I realize that when a two year old says you are really big they are actually just praising your Cheerio getting skills, but I can’t but help feel a touch insulted.


The other day she was watching me get dressed and she said “Wow, Mommy! You have a really big butt!” which is jerky and untrue.

I’m just big boned.

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  1. When you’re little, “big” is a compliment. Either that or Claudia is just rude.

  2. I’m going to teach her to say “she must be one of those rap guys girlfriends” if I ever meet her. 😀

  3. You must be really good at getting cheerios. Can you teach me your technique?

  4. Yea well my 11 month old follows me around every where and when I go to the bathroom he stands there and laughs.

    What he’s laughing at i don’t know, but i can’t help but feel inadequate…

  5. Sarah… off topic a bit, but i would like to put you on My Surf Moms Fav Feeds in my sidebar…. you cool with that?

  6. Exactly!

  7. My favorite backhanded compliment ever (from Kira, age 3 or 4) is “You’re the best mom in the WHOOOOOOOLE world! Well, maybe not the *best* mom. There are a lot of moms out there, and we just can’t know.”

  8. That was mighty big of you.

    She was trying to compliment you to ensure future Cheerio supplies.

    “Kids Say The – OMG, What the F–K did you just say you little devil – Darndest Things”

  9. I’m sorry. I’m laughing. That’s cute and funny. Mainly b/c I’ve BTDT and know it’s meant nicely, and she’s not my kid.

  10. sarah!!! just wait! oh my gosh – zoe is so quick to tell me that my butt is big. it’s so sad but so funny at the same time. she’ll be walking behind me and say “wow your butt is really big” i mean, i know i’m pregnant but it’s soooo crazy that she says this!

  11. When I was potty training my daughter (who is 9 now, and this whole conversation would totally embarrass her now!) I remember sitting on the toilet to show her how to do it. She then said, “mom, your butt is so big it covers the whole toilet” I know she meant mine is bigger than hers, but still! Ouch!

  12. Straight from the mouth of little miss mix-a-lot. Nice.

  13. Why it’s sometimes better to be a guy: Jackson has told me on several occasions that I have a really big penis.

  14. Glad I wasn’t taking a drink right then because I would have spit it out my nose.

  15. You know…we sing that song Big Butts to Fred at least once a week and it’s funny how yesterdays rap songs have turned into today’s nursery rhymes. I wanna zooma zoom zoom in the boom boom!!!

  16. If it means anything, I have personally seen your butt and it is very small. She needs to check out some other mommy’s behinds at playgroup and I am sure she will stand corrected!

  17. I can sing to you in perfect pitch, “I like big butts and I cannot lie………..”

    Izzy always says to me, “Mommy, I love your butt.” It’s for this reason alone that I keep him around.

  18. that’s nothing…emily told me that i needed wrinkle cream for my forehead. nice…

  19. My youngest son once put my bra on his head and announced “Look at me! I’m wearing the biggest yalmulke ever!”

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