The Hits – They Just Keep Coming

These searches are killing me. Who takes their time to type in this stuff? Be careful what you wish for people.

Butt Traffic

Meredith Viera nipple slip 

I got several of these. What did I miss? 

Pictures of Ebola People

My Mom in the Shower

warm butt

barfing people in a box

dead chicken omen

dress up zwicky

There were a lot of variations on this one. I don’t even know what zwicky is. Wiki here I come.

Organic food feces

“I saw Winger”

It was in quotes and everything.

How to spell kyuss

You see the irony too, right?

zerbert, vagina

That was one search.

ass part for when I’m 64 

I’ve thought about this one a lot, and I have no idea what it means.

Was Anna Nicole Smith part of the Mickey Mouse Club?

Not that I am aware of.
Willie Nelson 4th of July onesie 

diarrhea sounds

Ew. This isn’t an audio blog anyway. 

noodling for catfish nude 

AND what is possibly the funniest search term yet:

I fucked a Doodlebop.

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  1. oh. my. god.

    zerbert vagina

    and I can’t even repeat it to my mother in law who’s looking at me like I smoked crack on the way home from work.

    the husband thought it was interesting. figures.

  2. OK a few questions… Ebola People???? and just what is a Doodlebop? Are ass part interchangeable? dead chicken omen, I dont even want to know.

  3. I fucked a Doodlebop?! I just Diet Coke just came out of my nose. It wasn’t me. I was searching for The Doodlebops fucking freak me out.

    Re: Ass part for when I’m 64. I think they meant bass part for the song. But that’s just a guess.

    My search terms are pretty gross. Freaks me out a little…but mostly I just laugh at these poor people who end up on my blog. It’s so obviously NOT what they were looking for.

  4. earlier today i got “virginity best friend’s brother” and “big slobbery kiss.”
    but, you win.
    hands down.

    so, um, congratulations on the freak show.

  5. “ass part for when I’m 64 ” – Just a guess, but I think they meant Bass part for the Beatles’ “When I’m 64”, and the B just slipped.

    still funny though.

  6. a doodlebop? seriously?!?! that’s hilarious!

  7. “I fucked a Doodlebop” made me snort coffee up my nose so hard I sneezed. It wasn’t pretty and I’m still coughing.

    Thanks. 😉

  8. I need to start reading this blog more carefully; I never knew you were writing about fucking Doodlebops!

    Thanks for a morning laugh.

  9. Dress your zwicky is all my fault. Remember a while back when I left the comment about how it was a search term for my site? Man, that zwicky thing just infiltrates quickly, doesn’t it?

    I also don’t know what the hell it means. I googled, I wiki’d and only came up with some scientist dude. So maybe it’s like that “Dress Up David” magnet for the fridge only it’s the science guy?

  10. I think the Winger person was just trying to brag and was too stupid to do a proper vanity search.

  11. Man, I’m going to have to check them out for my site!

  12. The question is…WHICH doodlebop?

    My money is on that whore DeeDee

  13. I’m kind of curious about what ebola people look like now.

  14. Have you ever actually googled any of these searches yourself? I mean, assuming you’re not the top link posted on Google you may find some other really interesting sites.

  15. Do you think the person who fucked a Doodlebob is the same person that fucked Carrothead?

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