Randomness Part 68

Did you guys know that Elizabeth has perfect pitch? I can only think of one other person I know that has this talent. It blows my mind. Do any of the rest of you have perfect pitch?

Nobody was shocked that Anna Nicole Smith was on drugs while she was pregnant, right? So, why is it headline news?

I need one of these. (This link courtesy of my Academy Award Winning friend, The Kaiser.)

Speaking of the Academy Awards, Devra sent me this link of The Most Awkward Oscar Moments.

Not that you would, but if you decided to Google search the phrase john mccain freaked out we (or I guess, I) here at Sarah and the Goon Squad happen to be the #1 result.

We’re #1! We’re #1!


This article isn’t confusing, but this headline sure is:

Women, blacks beat smokers, Mormons in U.S. race: poll


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  1. My mother had perfect pitch (her name was also Elizabeth). I’d start whining good n’ plenty and she’d stop me and go, “You’re whining in A minor.” It drove me nuts.

  2. I used to think I had at least a rudimentary knowledge of how Google worked, but then I started paying attention to some of the bizarre searches that were bringing people to my site. “words not understood at beginning of sledgehammer by peter gabriel” and “ladys barbers” are my favorites so far.

  3. Perfect pitch: HA! But I may just be the most tone deaf individual you’ve ever met.

  4. You need to stop freaking John McCain out Sarah. BTW what did you do to freak him out?

  5. Perfect pitch? I can’t even throw a ball.

  6. The media’s gotten dumber…and headlines are even worse!

  7. Which purse did The Kaiser bring to the Oscars? (congrats to The Kaiser, BTW!)

  8. The link to the beer throwing fridge isn’t working. Why isn’t it working? Why am I obsessing about beer @ 7:00 in the morning? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

    Hm. Was that A minor?

  9. Andie D.-No, that was more like C flat. Hahahaha!

    Thanks for the link love, Sarah. Now I’m going to have nightmares about people coming up to me at Blogher and asking me to guess what key they are humming in. Sheesh.

  10. My high school band director had perfect pitch and it freaked me out.

  11. Shoot, for a minute, I thought that was me that had perfect pitch.

  12. My hubby’s got perfect pitch. Just another sign he’s perfect 😉

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