It is as if I were Trying to be Even More Suburban

Don’t tell the Stollerderby people, they think I am a witty hipster urban parent.

I am about as Suburban as you can get. I live in the suburbs, I drive a mini-van, I have two kids, I shop at The Gap, I belong to multiple books clubs and spend time thinking about my yard. (Okay, I really don’t spend that much time thinking about my lawn, but I’m trying to illustrate a point.)

After a year of being harassed by my mother (the library scientist), I finally went and got a library card in Virginia. I hadn’t been in a library in a couple of years. In fact, I believe the last time I was in la biblioteca (how many times could I use the word library in one paragraph before you stopped paying attention?) was to show my mom’s librarian buddies how pregnant I was. So, let’s say about three years have passed.

I had forgotten how much I love the library. That place rules. I can get books – for free! I also checked out a DVD – for free! Plus, the librarian was really nice (not like those mean librarians in Temple Terrace – they know who they are). AND I found a program next month for two and three year olds that is about planes, trains and automobiles. Ian is going to poop his pants.

Okay, let’s be honest. Ian was probably going to poop his pants anyway. Potty training really isn’t going that well.

What I am trying to say is go to the library. They let you have books for free.

(Hi Mom!)

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  1. We go twice a week. They also let you plop your kid on a carpet square and sit by the wall looking encouraging while really dozing and somebody else entertains your kid for half an hour. For free!

  2. It’s funny that you just posted this because we are on our way to the library right now! My favorite feature is that if there is a book you want and it’s at another branch, you can order it and pick it up at your branch. We’re going to get some Star Wars book he ordered last week. Less driving for me!

  3. You can also order the book you want on-line & pick it up at our library. Some even have it where you can download e-books (my library does not have this feature, yet).

  4. Gah! I just got back from the library today. When I need time to myself and I actually get that time, I go to the library. I put books on hold and renew others online but I could really spend a solid 3 hours in there. After that I kinda worry how the folks at home are surviving with the kids. I tend to check the phone every 4 minutes thinking why aren’t they calling me with a problem? Those damn kids. They listen for everyone else, not Mommy. My son loves the animal storytime but my 2yr old girl wants no part of structured reading time. God, do I babble. Yikes.

    BTW, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and When Madeline Was Young are excellant books.

  5. i also only recently rediscovered the library. it’s amazing!

  6. while my mouth DOES water at the thought of free books, i don’t know if the library is for me.
    i mean, sometimes i sit at the end of my bed and stare at my wall of books, and it makes me very happy to know that i’ve read them all.

    the library would totally rob me of that joy.
    but, perhaps i could use the money i save going to the library on a new coach bag?


    i’ll have to consider my options.

  7. it’s our local hangout. we found a great book called “Fast Food”, it has all types of food that look like cars, planes, boats. Gabriel loves it. There are sooooo many good kid books. I love it when I find one that I becomes a real favorite and then we end up buying it.

  8. My favourite place in the whole world. Ours has an entire floor for kids. I can set them loose in there and then I have an hour ALONE to peruse upstairs in the adult section. Joy oh rapture!!!

    They let me take 10 books at a time, DVD’s, cd’s, talking books, toys etc. The kids love to go and so do I. Hubby loves to drop us 3 off there on Sunday’s. He gets 3 or 4 hours to watch porn or whatever it is men do when left in the house alone 😉

    It’s a great way to find what types of books the kids really enjoy WITHOUT spending a miniature fortune!

  9. I am a freak about our library. Plus it’s only a nice 20 minute walk from our place. Can’t wait for the weather to get nicer so we can start going again. Nice little way to end the night after dinner. And the fact that everything is free?


  10. Love libraries too. You’ll probably feel sorry for me, but where I grew up (diff country) there are no public libraries. So you want a book, you paid for it or read it in bits and pieces in the store!

    Not such a big fan of the DC library, though. Maybe I got spoiled by Boston, MA’s library system? Anyhow, DC seems very slow about stocking new titles. But it’s still wonderful to have any library at all.

  11. Our library sucks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone in looking for a specific book and they either a) don’t have it in because it’s already checked out, b) don’t have it in because it’s been loaned out to one of the other branches, or c) look at me like “huh?” because they’ve never heard of it. Not too worried though since I have so many books passed on from a couple of friends that I haven’t gotten to reading yet. Oh, and the bookstore gift cards fill in the gaps nicely!

  12. I’m a Suburban Mom too. I think it’s the new cool. What? Am I wrong?

  13. I love libraries! And bibliotecas, too! :)

  14. Barnes and Noble lets you have books for free too. They just don’t like to brag about it- or see you take them.

    I like Strollerderby, but I do find that some of the writers seem to thing they are pushing an agenda that every parent wants to be behind.

    I like Disney. I have no problem cleaning my kid’s pacifier in a glass of beer.

    It gets a bit preachy over there.

  15. One main reason the library saves me is I get to not read the same freaking thomas or curious george book my son demands night after night. A big stack of new books at bed time–I get nearly as excited as he does.

    God. I’m a bit sad, aren’t I?

  16. Jack pooped his pants this morning. And he’s almost four. I’m commenting alot on your blog lately. WTF?

  17. Something about the library has changed, though. Although the fines for books are still tiny, at ours, at least, it’s $3/day for audio-visual materials. So don’t let the twins hide the DVD and calendar the due date. Or quit going to the library– that might be cheaper!

  18. pnuts mama says:

    i have also recently re-discovered my love of the library! i was a library whore as a kid- i wish i still had my first library card to look at, and see that earnest little cramped signature allowing me the freedom to consume as many books as possible.
    we finally found a local-ish branch that has a weekly toddler hour and so far the pnut is enjoying it! i had forgotten the fun of free books and movies and music- i hardly ever have the time to read for pleasure anymore, but i can’t wait to start!
    as for libraries to *read* in, oh, my university’s library is *heaven* (insert choir of angels singing here)! try to remember being an undergrad- how much time did you ever spend in that multi-million dollar facility? the least amount of time as possible was my answer. and our underclasspeople avoid that place like the plague- unless it’s midterm or finals week then all bets are off. so all those gorgeous chairs and quiet ‘study-rooms’ are just waiting for you to enjoy. with wireless access! heaven!
    sorry i hijacked your comments, i have a bad habit of doing that.
    and we shop at the gap, too, damnit!

  19. I know you would drive a trans am if 2 car seats and bags of kid stuff would fit in the back.

  20. We love the library too — or at least the concept, and our memories of good libraries where we’ve lived before. Unfortunately, our local branch(es) is(are) filthy. Just filthy. The kids books are positively muddy and it makes me sad.

    Planes, trains, and automobiles, though? Sounds freakin’ awesome (if you’re two, which my kid is). We wanna go!

  21. Good girl. I am one of your mother’s people. I wish the ‘parenting book nazis’ would include in their milestones that every person needs a library card from about 6 months of age.

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