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Overheard in Our Hotel Room

Ian: It’s my birthday. Claudia: No, it’s MY birthday. Ian: MY BIRTHDAY! Claudia: MY BIRTHDAY! Me: YOU ARE TWINS! You have the SAME EXACT BIRTHDAY. Go to sleep! (sigh) It’s been a really long day. They did quite well in the car for about six hours. I really can’t complain about that, but ever since […]

Would You Guys Mind Rooting Against Georgetown?

No offense to Georgetown. I mean – I was born in Ohio, but that isn’t really the problem. The problem is that I am going on a 627 mile road trip tomorrow. It is going to be just the kids and me. We’re going to take two days to make the trek to Atlanta. (Sorry […]

Randomness Part 71

Which is funnier? Pornagami or this coloring book? (thanks to my new buddy Markira for the link to the coloring book) I got a spam comment the other day from someone named “Onionbooty”. I’m still laughing. My favorite search term this week was “poops pants in CVS”. Claudia just informed me that “Yoda is a […]

Fine. Just sit in pee all day. See if I care.

I think my children have inherited my attitude problem. I’m trying to get them into regular daytime clothes. It’s after 9:00 am and they are still in their pajamas. We’ve been up since 6:30. Now, still being in jammies at 9:00 on a day we don’t really have much to do isn’t a big deal. […]

How Would You Answer this One?

Are you done, Mommy? Are you done having issues?

Betrayed by a Small Appliance

My rice cooker overcooked my rice. Two nights in a row. I feel – betrayed. I mean, isn’t that why I bought the stupid rice cooker in the first place? So that I wouldn’t end up overcooking my rice? Should I buy another one? Or will this one just disappoint me too? Or do I […]

Who Buys This Kind of Crap?

I was at Safeway the other day when I saw something that really disturbed me. I was so upset that I took some pictures with my cellphone.  Nope. You are seeing it correctly. This is a picture of two NASCAR Harlequin romance novels. (There were others but the pictures came out blurry). This makes me feel […]

She was Wearing Crocodiles?

Wearing crocodiles? As a girdle? Really? (Sorry, that link is no longer available. Too bad, it was messed up.) I’m really not even sure what else I could say about this.

An Open Love Letter

Dear Food and Wine Magazine, My mom got Gabe a subscription to you for Christmas and now I can’t put you down. I want you to know that I am not a magazine person. I am a book person, I am an internet person. I only read the paper online, but it’s not like that […]

Randomness Part 70

The gentlemen over at Kissing Suzy Kolber were able to combine my hatred for The Family Circus and my love for obscene sports humor in one post! (This conversation between Mike Vick and Arthur Blank is pretty funny too.) Wow. I thought my potty training experience was getting goofy. Check out this post from Sweet […]

How was Your Morning?

I’ve spent about three hours so far sitting on the side of the bathtub waiting for various children to pee or poop in the potty. So far – nothing. I have read about 12 books (mostly about Diego or Dora) and I’ve sung the ABC’s 40 or 50 times. I’ve looked up the Spanish words […]


You know how you make friends from blogging and then it turns out you live near each other and then they become your friends in real life and you have fun playdates and you get attached to their children and then they go and move to a different state? Yeah, that kind of sucks. I’m […]