How I Angered Total Strangers This Week

I wrote an innocent little post about mommy and daddy bloggers and self-deprecation and used a funny picture.

I guess everybody doesn’t have my same sense of humor. Fortunately, some of you do.

Thanks for sticking up for me.

(I still think it is hilarious.)

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  1. It is hilarious. Come on people, where is your sense of humor?

    Obviously, they don’t have twins.

  2. Well, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. What were those haters doing at Strollerderby, anyway? I thought Blogging Baby was their beat…

  3. That’s a great article you wrote. Obviously some people thought that was a picture of YOUR family. Judging from the comments left, some commenters didn’t even read the article, just saw the pictures and immediately shamed you! How sad is that?

  4. I don’t know if my mom wants me hanging out with bloggers like you – even if it’s over the computering tubes.

  5. And I think your point has been well made by the hater comments.

    Hilarious picture, really.

  6. OMG. OMG. OMG. I want one of those suits for Hubby.

  7. It seems to me if someone had taken the time to read the blog they would of relized that those weren’t your kids…. I mean in it you mention twins and your daughter being ummm 3. What to hell is wrong with people who assume that they know what they are seeming is gospel? OH by the way I like your sick humor!!

  8. I’m just glad that no one at Strollerderby asked us to take the picture down. :)

  9. Can I get the pic in poster size?

  10. You are fucking brilliant. in my humble opinion.

  11. The photo is hilarious. The negative reaction just proved your point of the article.

  12. you’re welcome

  13. Sheesh, it’s a funny picture. What’s with all the wadded panties over at Stroller Derby?

  14. Were you just itching to write a post in which you could use that picture? I would have been :)

  15. your comment, ‘p.s. it’s not a real penis’ almost made me pee my pants.

    god forbid a child know what a penis is.

  16. Funny Sarah… too funny

  17. I went and looked at that picture, and read the comments.

    The picture is hilarious, those serious comments are disturbing. These kind of sickos (the commentors) walk among us, and I don’t know who they are. Those comments have emotionally upset me, I think I’m scarred for life, I need therapy, quick, before I start a life if disturbingly serious comments to comedic photgraphs.

  18. I think you and the family look lovely. I especially liked it on your Christmas card last year.

  19. I’m with Tiffany – that response took the cake!

  20. Photo was hilarious. The ironic thing is that after that little girl examined that knitted penis she probably forgot all about it and went on about her day.

    The only way that situation could have traumatised her would be if she had been exposed to the opinions of the people who wrote those rabid comments. The panicked reactions some people have to nudity / sexuality would probably have scared her to death and made her think that she was doing something wrong…

  21. betsy seems like a very smart lady.

  22. You are really funny! That picture was the best!

  23. it’s hilarious. :)

  24. Totally hysterical. People need to find real problems before they start freaking out about shit like that.

  25. That was really funny, and the comments were even funnier. If you can’t at parenting, you’re sunk.
    (Now excuse me, I have a phone call to human services to make…)

  26. Ugh! Some people need to lighten up!

    I thought it was like something you’d see on the old SNL, if they were allowed to do things like that.

  27. This is exactly why I love reading your blogs. You say what you think and damn the rest of them. You know that we love you, you’re an awesome mom, and some people should just get laid more often and simmer down.

  28. Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil asked the key question – what WERE all those haters doing off of the Blogging Baby track?

    (You rock.)

  29. OK I’m such a priss that I glanced at the picture and looked away. I didn’t even notice the penis. I had to look again after you got your negative feedback. I have to say, who’s looking so closely? Those are the people I’m worried about!;)

  30. Until now I never had a good reason to learn to knit. I mean, I can buy a sweater, why knit one. Now… now, I have a good reason. Must knit one of those hysterical suits for my who family for Christmas gifts.

  31. er, whole family that was supposed to be. (Hey, the excitement got to me)

  32. Hobbies. People need hobbies that don’t include talking all crazy.

  33. Just so you realize,when you read my comment over there, I do know how to spell “Fleur de lis” I’m just on cold meds.

  34. Oh for fuck sake. I didn’t even notice the penis until I read the comments. I was too busy cackling over the silicone boobs! Then I had to scroll back up and wet myself laughing for a while. Awesome pic Sarah. The nasty commenters missed the ENTIRE MEANING of that post, didn’t they.

    And what the hell is wrong with penises? There are 3 in this house. And it seems like they are always being held, fiddled with or whipped out by their owners. God help me if we get lucky and get to have a girl. She will have 3 to compare and ask a bazillion questions about.

    Honestly, do these people realise that this is how God made us? We don’t come out of the womb fully clothed. I for one will never stop my children from touching my … dare I say it?…. naked self and asking questions! I will stop them if it is innapropriate touching, and explain why. I will also not stop my husband from touching my naked self. LOL

  35. It’s amazing how a muppet like incarnation of a penis can rile someone, isn’t it?

    thank god you have a sense of humor.

  36. Reading the comments over there, given the topic of your post, literally made me snort tea out my nose… ahh, sweet irony.

    That pic is a classic!

  37. Those people are asshats.

    The commenters, not the people in the picture.

    This just goes to show that writing to your target audience (i.e. the readers of this blog) is more fun than writing to the masses.

  38. I know I am late here, but it made my day that the first commenter (along with others) assumed that was your family. Don’t they know how much work it would be to knit suits like that for four people? With twins how would you find the time?

    Oh that made my day. I am sorry that people are idiots, but it made my day.

  39. Yeah, I’ll stand up for you and that pic! That’s a great one, and how would we survive parenthood without the humor?

  40. Awesome picture, I’d like notelets printed with that on so that I could write apologies for absence at school on them.

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