Calling all Parents (At Least the Ones who watch Nick Jr.)

We are confused here in the Goon Squad household. This is in regard to “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy“.

We (Ian, Gabe, Claudia, Wikipedia and I) all agree that Widget is a bunny. After that it gets sketchy.

Ian insists that Wubbzy is a mouse. Wikipedia says Wubbzy is a gerbil-like-creature. Claudia is saying he’s a cat (but she just heard me say he might be a cat, so who knows). Gabe and I aren’t sure, but we can’t really come up with anything better.

Ian, Gabe, Claudia and Wikipedia believe that Walden is a bear. I thought he was a cat, but Gabe pointed out that he doesn’t have a tail.

I don’t know. Does anyone have any insider information on “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy”? What about any educated guesses?

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  1. i have never seen those cretures before in my life.
    i do think the yellow one is kind of cute, though.

  2. Well, I deferred to the household expert on this one (that would be my 6 1/2 year old). When I asked what animal Wubbzy is, he replied “It’s a Wubbzy I guess?!? I don’t know!!”
    (I think he thought he was being graded on his answer. LOL)

  3. I also have never seen them before in my life. And since I can’t identify them by name, I think they are (left to right) a rabbit, an ass gerbil or hampster and a bear type thing.

    You should watch this cartoon instead:

  4. I hate this show with a passion. They play it on Noggin all the time and they say it’s educational. I say they’re retarded. But to answer you question, I have no idea what any of them are. I just assumed Widget was a rabbit and the rest were their own little creatures.

  5. Wubsy is one of those shows I don’t want my kids to watch. I don’t know what its point is, but I just can’t get past the theme song, such as it is. I don’t like oobi either, because its characters don’t speak in full sentences.

    I have no idea what the critter is but it looks suspiciously like those Cartoon Network promos that brought Boston to a dead stop for several hours not too long ago.

  6. um…no clue…but as long as everyone’s answering…what the heck is uniqua on the backyardigans??!!

  7. According to the creator of The Backyardigans, Uniqua is unique, just like her name. I tend to think she’s a big ladybug.

    I don’t know that the creatures on W.W.W. are supposed to be anything in particular. They just are.

    The show by the way is pretty cute, and I don’t understand the people on here not liking it. They do speak in complete sentences, perhaps they are thinking of Oobi. As for educational value, it stresses patience, sharing, and tons of other social skills that are just as valuable as the alphabet. What’s not good about that?

    Besides, these shows are meant to reinforce what we are teaching our children, not do it for us.

  8. Chupacabra.

  9. I don’t know, but we should knit them all naked people outfits and post it on strollerderby. (Sorry, catching up here)

    Or it’s the goat-thing the Kaiser says it is.

  10. Lisa, Do you remember the time when it was all about cars, boys and parties? Then money, work and career. Now its “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy“.

    I think you and I both need to get out of the house more.

  11. Huge fans in this house…look here…

    You’ll get lotsa answers…

  12. dude.
    i swear that i normally spell ‘creatures’ correctly.

    *shuffles back into the abyss of the internet*

  13. Do gerbils have tails, even? (I always get them confused with hamsters…)

    Walden could be one of those Manx cats that has no tail.

    And I think Uniqua from the Backyardigans is a hippo, but I’ve never really paid close attention.

  14. I totally thought Wubzy was a wabbit. The Beans agree, as whenever they see him, they do the “hippity hop” dance, which is Bean translation for, “That’s a rabbit.”

  15. This is why my child free-ass sticks to Noggin. I can readily tell what all the characters are. There are no confusing features. A dog looks like a dog. The end.

  16. I’m not sure what they are. I’d have to say they are the strange creatures from a creator who’s been smoking a little too much wacky weed.

  17. I think it’s a mouse and a bear. We are desperately trying to get Fred away from Barney and just ventured into the land of the BackYardigans. I agree with the comment above there’s something about Uniqua that gives me the hebbies. She looks like her face has burn scars all over it. It makes me sad. Oh and I kinda like oobi but how come everyone has hair but oobi and his family?

  18. I don’t know, but what the heck is Arthur on PBS? Those creatures are the strangest in my opinion.

  19. I conferred with our household expert, supergirl. She says widget is a rabbit, wubbzy is a worm and walden is a zebra


  20. I don’t know- but I did recently learn that Linny on Wonder Pets is a girl.

  21. Parents AGAINST Wubzy? Now that is something I’ll never understand……..who would be so quick to damn such a valuable and decent program? I would bet that those who are anti-Wubzy are the same fools who let the TV do the babysitting/parenting. If you take the time to watch the show WITH your kids, you would find it’s packed full of social situtaions, encouragement to think outside of the box” and a genuine attempt to illustrate the benefits of tolerance and acceptance without judgement.

    To those of you who hate on Wubzy, I would say this: What else might your children be watching that you don’t pay attention to or understand?


  22. oh, also….
    Arthur=ANTEATER (look it up)


    an internet full of Nazi-esque parents, raising children who PROMOTE intolerance and fear of asymetry. have a good time re-living McCarthy Era Paranoia, idiots.

  23. As an ex-professional athlete now retired, I spend a lot of time with my children, as fortunate as I was, the time away from children now is ten fold with them. My children love wubsy and neither one of them has complained once of who or what he is. I guess most parents have forgotten what being a child is or was and have lost the imagination function of a pre-schooler as is the programming of noggin is set for. What a shame to even speak out on a childrens show. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

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