A Parenting Riddle

What is more pleasant than a constipated, pissed off little girl with an ear infection in the middle of the night?

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  1. aw. zoe has an ear infection too! poor claudia. that is so weird. zoe threw up sat. night, ear infection sunday night, and sore throat last night. oh nights have been SO fun this week!
    are you coming to ATL? please please!?!
    love b

  2. Anything is more pleasant that that, no? Sorry Claudia is feeling crappy. Well, not really crappy. But you know what I mean.

  3. Um…root canal?

  4. A little boy full of crap that keeps shooting it out of his diaper and soiling himself and his bedsheet every couple of hours… Oh the joys of parenting!!!

  5. Anything. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into something both your kids experience.

  6. A sick husband. (If my eyes roll any farther back in my head they’ll fall out my asshole.) (Hope Claudia is feeling better soon!)

  7. Why, a constipated, pissed off little girl with an ear infection VOMITING in the middle of the night, of course.

  8. Yeah, last night it was THE BOY that was vomiting.

    (again, not making this up)

  9. Why, nothing, of course.

  10. That sucks! I’m sory!

  11. Please, God. I pray I never have to deal with THAT!

  12. A night off with a pitcher of margaritas? Oh, you were being sarcastic …

  13. Hmmmm….everything is better than that! Poor little lamb. I hope she gets cleared up, at both ends, very soon!

  14. A moose charging a helicopter?

    Seriously. I’d take the moose.

  15. Damn, Sarah, that is just WRONG! Poor Claudia. Hope she feels better soon.

  16. A seasick crocodile?

    I am so sorry that Claudia is sick. It seems everyone is sick. I was mistaken for Emily’s dad yesterday on the phone and pretty much everyone I have talked to says 2 things, 1) Wow, you sound awful! and 2) I had that {insert time frame} ago. I’m sorry!

  17. the mom who has to deal with her?

    or the sibling who has been woken up 8 zillion times and then becomes sick too from sleep deprivation?

    just throwing out ideas though. Hope C feels better soon. Our coughs are never ending. The plagues this year are Not Good.

  18. Why, a massage and pedicure, of course. But it’s a close fight, and on some days, the pissed off little girl wins.

  19. TWO pissed off kids with ear infections who can’t poop?

  20. Well that could be both of them in that condition… better you then me Sarah

  21. A mom with a migraine, diarrhea, a bum knee, bronchitis, an ear infection and a sinus infection.

    (Last night was NOT pleasant)

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