Can’t Talk – March Madness

Brackets, beer, chicken wings…MARCH MADNESS!

If I seem a bit distracted it is because 1) I have company 2) I’ve been busy fundraising for The Goon Squad’s preschool 3) We’ve been leaving the house more often than normal and 4) There is a whole lot of college basketball on tv and I am financially invested. Well, I’ve got some wine and tequila on the line, so not so much money as much as I have booze on the line.

I leave you with random thoughts, bullet style:

These are really good.

– If you were planning on driving for 627 miles, and it was going to be just you and two two year olds, would you stop and stay overnight somewhere, or would you try to do it in one straight shot? Keep in mine a) I plan on driving really fast and b) the two year olds in question are Ian and Claudia.

– Why do the people from “Top Chef” always show up in my dreams?

– If you want to go have a playdate with people from the internet, might I suggest these two? They both make delicious food AND Xiobhan left us with parting gifts. I’m scared to invite them over here. All I serve at playdates is whatever I have in the house. (Not to take anything away from any other internet people I have had playdates with, you guys rock too).

– Can somebody please explain to me how it is possible that it was HOT here on Wednesday and now they are predicting snow for tonight? I’m serious. It was in the 70’s yesterday. What the hell is going on here?

Okay. I’ve got to go. Beth is feeding us lunch today, and not being one to turn down free food, I thought it would be polite if the kids and I were wearing normal clothes instead of our jammies. We’ll see if I can convince Ian of this. He did wear his dinosaur pajamas to school under his clothes on Wednesday…

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  1. Drive straight through. May not be the best parenting, but a DVD player for the car is an absolute godsend. Drive fast, put something on they like and drive fast… the key is driving fast…

    The weather was doing the same thing here in Chicago… wait, do you hear Al Gore laughing maniacally?

  2. Drive straight through – FAST!.
    Where are you heading to?
    FLORIDA!?!?!?!?!?! If so, we need to plan a grown-up play date!! Well, maybe not so grown-up as much as completely childish and intoxicated!

  3. What time of day are you driving? Can you do it when they’re asleep?

    And I’m SO winning the tequila.

  4. I guess because we never stay in hotels, and for some reason, it still is a lot of fun to stay somewhere where someone else makes up your bed, and where you get free HBO, I’d say the overnight thing. Plus, that many miles in a car with ANY two year old, let alone 2 of them, would drive anyone nutty.

  5. Don’t they make little ruffies to give the kids? I hope I read that bottle right.

  6. Molly Chase says:

    We always stop halfway between D.C. and Michigan when we go visit the Grandmas…my thought is, seven hours in the car at one go is enough for the kid, who’s almost two, and I deserve to sleep in a cooshy king-sized bed in a room with high speed internet before a week of subjecting myself to my in-laws. I also suggest driving at night, if it’s at all practical.

  7. These are really good?

    Nice review babe.

  8. On a good day, you could do that drive in 10 hours of very fast driving with minimal stops.

    With two two-year olds who will need to stop to run every two hours or so, even with DVDs, it will take a lot longer. (Find the locations of state parks and nicely maintained city playgrounds along your route now. State parks are nice because they are under-used and therefore it is easier to keep track of your kids while visiting them.)

    You’re looking at 12-14 hours of driving, easy, even when you can just put on the diapers and drive. And that’s driving by yourself, so you will be tired by the end.

    In your shoes, I would start at naptime on one day, drive until dinner, stop, get up very early and drive the rest of the way before the kids are fully awake. With that schedule, you could plan one late afternoon playground stop and one mid-morning breakfast stop, pack healthy snack foods, and not stress yourself any more than possible.

    That’s just me, though.

  9. Hmmm, I prefer to drive straight through, with stops for bathroom and food (and gas of course) — as long as you have someone at your destination who can take the kids when you collapse in a heap upon arrival. Otherwise, I’d say go for the overnight.

    We do need to do a playdate at some point. I can’t promise any lovely parting gifts, but I do have some good wine that I’m willing to share.

    And there’s always hockey.

  10. egplnt21 says:

    we break up such a trip over two days or an evening and a day on the way there and do the whole thing in one on the way back. who wants to get somewhere and be exhausted? Plus if we leave late in the day/evening, we drive, we watch dvds, we eat, they eventually fall asleep, we drive, and sometimes they even stay asleep when we get to the hotel! and we’ve learned the hard way, we make a reservation. who knew all high schools graduate on the same weekend around dc in june????

  11. Are they potty trained? If not, put them in the overnight diapers for maximum liquid holding, and do it all in one drive, preferrably partially during the night. This works well if they are good at sleeping in the car. If not, give up and stay somewhere.

    I’d far rather deal with one day of cranky toddlers stuck in a car than two days of it.

  12. If you’re going to Florida, call your Nanner and ask her if she wants to make the drive with you. We could talk her into it.

  13. Mmmm….beer, wings, and bball. My team’s playing tonight. Go big blue!

  14. We do a 5 hour drive in one shot pretty successfully, much more than that and a stop makes it waaaaaaaay easier. We usually try to leave in the evening when we only expect them to be up for a couple of hours when we start–we can keep them occupied that long. We try to do more of the driving this day. The next morning we feed them well and head on our merry way for the shorter part of the trip.

    With you on the weather, 78 two days ago and today, hey you might just get snow, at least sleet won’t that be fun!

    Enjoy the madness!

  15. I’m totally blushing. And at the same time, I’m already planning in my mind what I will bake the next time we get together. I’ve got a good Irish creme brownie recipe… (Seriously, I have a problem.)

    627 miles seems like a long way to go in one day. Although we do the trip to northern Kentucky, which Google Maps tells me is 538 miles, in one day. It take about 9 or 10 hours, including two short bathroom breaks and one longer stop for lunch. And that’s because we drive fast. I’m guessing you’d be in the car at least 11 hours. If your kids have the attention span for long movies, Mary Poppins buys you a solid three hour stretch.

    Good luck with your bracket. Request Tres Generaciones if you win.

  16. Hi Sarah,

    I just wanted to respond to your comment on my blog as I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you. :-)

    You’re welcome. I would love to be added to the twin list –


  17. Drive straight through, but go at night. I just did a trip from ATL, GA to Louisiana with three 5 month olds, 11 hours total. Not as much for as yours babes, but exhausting none the less.
    Good luck on the Basketball thing. I am not a big fan, but I know how involved you basketball crazed fans can get. I hope you will lots of booze.

  18. Not being a parent myself I can’t imagine trying to do that drive in one shot. I think Jody’s suggstion sounded like it was a good plan. Good luck with the b-ball.

  19. 6-8 hours tends to be the maximum happy time in a car seat for our two-year-olds (well, in this case that’s a car seat in a plane – we’d never dream of driving for more than a couple of hours if we can avoid it).

    Anyway, I’d split it in two.

  20. Wait. You mean it isn’t normal to wear your pajamas out of the house? My son and I do it all the time.

  21. our rule is if the kids are happy (or asleep) we keep drivin’.

    I’ve made lots of trips in the car with my kids, it’s not the kids who are the weakest link, it’s my husband who has the bladder the size of a grape yet drinks a Big Gulp right before we hit the road. Sometimes he doesn’t get to drink it because he puts it on the top of the car while he is getting the kids situated and then drives away without removing the drink. Why does he do this? Why does he do this with drinks and other stuff? Like Chinese food? but that is a different story for a different day.

  22. oh and the next time you are invited to a playdate with other area bloggers, I am going as either Ian or Claudia’s mom. Please share the kids so I can participate too. My kids are too old for playdates so I must improvise where I can. I’ll play rock paper scissors with you to figure out if I get Ian or Claudia.

    Maybe I will win the tequila.

  23. You plan on driving really fast. LOL. I dunno if you have a portable DVD player, but ohmigod those are so worth the money. SO VERY WORTH IT. Also, leaving super early in the morning (like 2am) might help if they are good car sleepers.

  24. I did an even longer drive when my kids were 2, from Boston to Halifax Nova Scotia. I split it up into two rides, one long one from Boston to Bangor Maine (6hours) and the second day from Bangor to Halifax, stopping briefly to visit a friend in Houlton ME right on the Canadian border. I would never drive straight through. First, if you’re the only adult, you’re going to expect your kids to take juiceboxes and snacks and other things to entertain themselves while you are driving. Good luck with that. Second, their tushy’s are going to be sore. Third, they will be sleeping a lot in the car so they will be completely and totally revved up when you arrive where you’re going, just when you’re the most exhausted and need to sleep.

    One thing I can recommend. Make a milage counter for them. Take a string and loop it up by the ceiling across the back seat from door to door. Put colored beads on the string. For every 50 miles, they get to move a bead from one side to the other. For every hundred miles, they get to move a BIG BEAD. Then they can see how far you have gone and how far you have to go.

    I’ve never used a DVD player in the car, but everyone else swears by them. Me, I kinda wouldn’t ever use one. I like the idea of seeing where you’re going. If you pack enough stuff for them to entertain themselves, it will be a fun trip. You might want to consider taking a mother’s helper with you if you can. It would make things SO much easier.

  25. sarah – as for the driving, you should play it by ear. you never know when they’ll just be awesome. frequent stops at mcdonalds playland helps with the kid energy. also the dvd player is a great idea. however, if it’s tough, dont’ feel bad for stopping. i am so glad you’re coming to atlanta!

  26. De in D.C. says:

    If the goon squad will sleep in the car, I’d highly recommend driving overnight, especially if you’re visiting relatives who can watch the kids while you nap for 4hrs when you arrive. We’ve successfully used this strategy for several trips to Ohio, Georgia, and Upstate NY.

    Regarding the weather… this is normal. It will be off and on with the warm weather until the end of April. You’ll soon realize that the natives always discuss the weather, and comment on it being odd, when they realize that it is like this ever. single. year. All part of the DC tradition 😉

  27. Wait, so it’s not just football, you like basketball too?
    It’s a good thing we have so many other things in common, I’d have to drop you from wanting to be your best friend 😉

  28. I only learned just last year that march madness was actually a thing. Hope you make it out okay.

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