Opposite Week

You’ve heard of opposite day, but I’m pretty sure that this last week was oppositebackwards pants week.

I can’t seem to manage to get any quality blogging done, but I have somehow found time to shop, cook, clean and take my kids to the library – twice. I have also been reading books (in plenty of time for book club) and doing laundry.

Normally I am a very vigilant blogger and a totally slack-ass housekeeper. I have no idea what is going on. I haven’t even been reading blogs.

Did I mention I even finished my taxes?

At least I forgot to mail them today. Not everything has changed.

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  1. Responsibilities suck

  2. Look at you, acting all ‘growed’ up.
    You can’t fool me, I know the real you is still there somewhere. Maybe cowering in a corner – scared of the new you – but still there.

  3. Maybe it’s Blogger Bizzaro week?

    (Seinfeld references for $200, Alex.)

  4. Wonder if that ever will happen to me… somehow I seem to find much more time for reading and writing blogs than for anything else!

    My wife might fear I’d been taken over by aliens if I suddenly did ‘real work’ instead of blogging…

  5. If that happened to me, i would suspect that someone slipped some Ritalin into my Diet Coke.

    I’m still waiting for that to happen to me.

  6. We’re totally in sync. I’ve been working like a demon, doing stuff with the kids, folding mountains of laundry and assorted chores. But blogging? Huh? What’s a blog?

  7. weird it sounds like you’re nesting…but that can’t be…can it?

  8. You wouldn’t want to come over to my house for a while, would you?

  9. Dudeness! Hello! My apologies for falling off the blog bandwidth! I wanted to reconnect with cha.

    I’m adding you to my link list. Changed the blog template and lost all my blogs, darn it all!

    Don’t worry about falling behind in blogging. You’re cyberpals are always there for ya!


  10. Yeah I’m in the same mode… been helping my dad move and he’s lived in this house for like 7 years and has like 30 Years of memories covering every inch of a 3000 sq ft house… with only 10 days till the mover get here packing him up has been intense.

  11. Ah, procrastination. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I can relate. :)

  12. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    How dare you take care of your house, your kids, and find time to read books, i.e. enjoy yourself, rather than blog. You have a LOT of nerve.

  13. My house is seriously in need of some TLC. I haven’t the courage to even approach my laundry. I have been sick as a dog and trying to concentrate on feeding and entertaining this zoo I call a family. Oh and trying not to pass out while playing with the kids. As a MAJOR bonus, My husband whom I shall now worship FOREVER, purchased “Fraggle Rock Season One” for my birthday.

    I adored the show when I was a kid. I have now infected my children with my germs….. and managed to enthrall them with Fraggle Rock (4 discs of sheer joy and memories). When I called my Mum to tell her, she went batshit and started screaming something about Red’s Hair. Apparently I drove her crazy for months wanting my hair to be long and red just like Red.

    My boys, of course do not believe that Sesame Street are PUPPETS. Are convinced that I am such a slack mother I have never showed them ANYTHING with puppets in it before. I have, but I am too busy wallowing in my germs to care as long as they wallow quietly and let me die in peace.

  14. Sounds like you need to learn balance. I’ve managed to pretty much equal out my time this week between laundry and cowering in the bathroom hiding from the kids.

  15. Cleaning house is reserved for call-ahead company. The rest of the time our house is “as is”, which ain’t pretty.

  16. ummmmm…my house wishes you lived here.

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