Getting Our Moneys Worth Out of Preschool

I never intended to be one of those Mommybloggers that went on and on about the bathroom habits of her children, but since my twins are almost three years old and nowhere near potty trained I have become obsessed. I think about the toilet all of the time. (Oh wow. I wonder how many hits I will get from typing that?)

Anyway… when I went to pick The Squad up from preschool today, both of the teachers (they are in the same class, but they have two teachers) were very excited to tell me what a great day Claudia had. See, Claudia is the kids that cries every single day when I drop her off. She is the kid that refuses to eat snack. She is the kid that only cheers up in the last 45 minutes of a three hour class. She is the only kid that cries every time the school director comes in to the classroom. (We’re still trying to figure that one out.)

The teachers said that today, Claudia cheered up in the first 10 minutes. She sang songs, she participated in the group activities, she chatted with her teachers, she ate snack (usually she will only eat snack if I am the parent co-opping that day) with the rest of the class and she peed in the potty.

(sound of a needle scratching across the record)


Did you just say she peed in the potty?

I could not believe my ears. My daughter peed in the potty IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM. I was so proud I almost exploded. I guess her teachers assumed that this is something she has done at home before. Ever. Well, okay, she did once, but it was about six or eight months ago and I think it was a total fluke.

Thanks teachers! Should I buy them gifts? Do you think she peed in the potty due to peer pressure? I hope so. Should I buy the other children gifts? Do you think any of this will rub off on the boy?

I guess I’m off to Target to buy the the thing that Claudia desires the most. (right after sleeping in my bed every night and bossing me around all day long)

Dora underpants.

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  1. YAY CLAUDIA!!!! You have to guide me through the whole Twin Potty Training Thang, because I’ll be there in a few months.

    When we used to have a sitter once or twice a week, she’d insist on putting the twins on the potty— at 16 months old. Was she high????

    I’ll be so thrilled when the twins are potty trained. I’ll be able to afford a private jet with all of the money that we currently spend on diapers.

  2. Woo hoo!

    We had a similar victory a couple of weeks back when Rosie peed in the potty twice in one day at school. (Sadly, that success has not been repeated.)

    I thought of you today as I drove right by your neighborhood. No time to stop though as I was commuting. 😉

  3. p.s. Dora panties work wonders for potty training. At least they worked well for Mimi. You might have to select a different character for Ian though. 😉

  4. Congratulations!!! I am still in the dreaming about potty training someday. :)

  5. Woohooo! Who cares how she got to the peeing stage as long as she stays there. Buy bucketloads of Dora undies to reward her with. Also send alcohol to the teachers as bribery to MAKE sure they keep her peeing on the potty! 😉 Congratulations! Feel free to grin at strangers and mumble like a deranged woman. The mum’s of the world will recognise and salute you! LOL

  6. Yay Claudia!

    I’m telling you, it’s the peer pressure. Morgan moved into the “big kid classroom” and potty-trained herself within 6 weeks. Tanner’s “best friend” at school started potty-training two weeks ago – now Tanner is getting pretty good (he’ll hold it & pee in the potty when given the opportunity but rarely asks on his own accord to use the potty). Ironically, his sister pottying had no effect on him.

    Now, when you figure out how to get them to poop in the potty – let me know.

  7. My son still has no interest. He is mostly able to, but just won’t. He is so stubborn that if I put him in underwear, he pees just to piss me off. Then he says “I told you I would pee”. Can you imagine what his teenage years are going to be like????

  8. I will never forget the conversation I had with a friend of mine when her son hit 2 1/2.

    Her: Do they have trainers for that?
    Me: For what?
    Her: Potty training.
    Me: What, like what they do with dogs?
    Her: Yeah. I need professional help!
    Me: And you’re looking for a baby trainer-
    Her: Or a dog trainer who’s looking for a challenge.

  9. Peer Example is a mighty powerful tool. Never underestimate it, although we often do, instead focusing on its more well-known and well-feared cousin, Peer Pressure.

    Today she progressed from #1 in the potty to #2 in the potty…at school no less!

    May I offer a warning? If not, stop reading now. :)

    Do not think this means a gap has been bridged. It’s more like the Dora bridge, with gaps. Step forward, and back and forward again, and back again and one day you realize you haven’t been doing the diaper vs. panties debate for at least a week.

    May I offer a suggestion? If not, stop reading now.

    If you happen to have cloth prefold diapers, if you fold those over, you can use them as inserts (a la post partum pads) in the panties. She still feels the wet, but you have less mess.

    Congrats and good luck!

  10. WOW! That is great!! I’d keep on the constant praise. Peer pressure does make big strides for some kid’s. Using Dora panties for the reward is awesome! Explain to your little guy that he can pick out some cool big boy undies too!

  11. Congrats!!!! The underpants can be a pretty huge motivator, at least for a few minutes!! 😉 I wish they made Dora underwear for boys, my younger two are NOT impressed with Diego, and every time I go to buy them new underwear I have to come up with some reason I can’t buy them the Dora underwear for girls.

  12. nice! congrats!!!!! I would sooooooo buy gifts! :)

  13. Dora daks. Awesome!

  14. You Go Claudia! Please tell her how big she is for me. And just a side note… I pee in the potty all the time and I don’t remember you running out to buy me underpants.hmm.

  15. If only they made Dora boy shorts that said ‘Hola, Boots’ on the ass. Or better yet ‘Swiper! No swiping’. That would totally make my day.

    And very random question, did you go to Trader Joe’s yesterday? Because I swear I saw someone that looked exactly like you coming out of TJ’s (in unidentified city so that the crazies can’t find you) as I was going in. Crazy.

  16. That is fantastic. Congrats. Lets just hope it wasn’t a fluke.

    Now you just need to figure out that school director thing…

  17. awww! congrats to sarah and claudia (and gabe!) that is so cool. i bet you had a great day…that is rad! keep it up girl!

  18. WTG Claudia!!

    Definitely celebrate the small victories!

  19. Our lives were changed by a package of BUZZ LIGHTYEAR underpants.

  20. Wow, I didn’t realize Claudia and I have so much in common.

  21. Yessss! Dora underpants are v. powerful. Hope they work wonders for you. Snorting at Nancy’s suggestion that Ian might want another character…

  22. So that’s my problemo. She’s not in pre-school yet. Well, she happens to be enrolled in a preschool tthat requires her to be trained before she enters. Yah. Right.

  23. Hooray for Claudia! Following up on Tink’s comment-why AREN’T there professional potty trainers? You can hire people to do pretty much anything else for you, why not that??

  24. Congratulations! Hope she keeps up the success.

  25. seriously, at some point…they just do it. I have no idea what clicks in their brain…it just clicks.

    We didn’t push anything until the 3rd birthday. We kept saying “3-year olds don’t wear pull ups…they wear underware and go pees in the potty!” It worked.

  26. I’m potty obsessed myself. I’m still waiting for Mia to go on the potty. Alex had a good weekend, wearing underwear both days w/ only 3 accidents. Then Monday came, Daddy went back to work and we had 5 ACCIDENTS including poop. Oh, the poop accidents are so fun.

    So, we’re back to diapers for now until I can figure out what bribe works the best to get them to go on the potty regularly. I am also using the “Your birthday is coming and when you’re 3 you’re a big kid and big kids don’t wear diapers!” We’ll see how that goes. 😀

    Good luck!

  27. way to go claudia! way to go teachers! yay dora underpants!

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