You know how you make friends from blogging and then it turns out you live near each other and then they become your friends in real life and you have fun playdates and you get attached to their children and then they go and move to a different state?

Yeah, that kind of sucks.

I’m really going to miss Corinne and Shepherd.

Now. Nobody else move unless I say it’s okay. You know who you are.

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  1. I know the feeling. I felt somewhat betrayed when you moved – just before I was to graduate and begin to have free time for football, beer and fun again.

    Alas, ’tis life.

    At least you’ve made a cool friend that you could go visit!

  2. I’m not moving.

    Then again, we still haven’t met. Would it be the kiss of death if we did?

  3. At least you got the first part. Better to have playdated and lost than never to have playdated at all, I say.

  4. My husband just got his new assignment. You are stuck with us for at least three more years. Write a thank you note to the US Air Force and make sure you include a lot of x’s and o’s. They like that kind of mushy stuff.

  5. We still have a few boxes, I’m sure I could fit you, Ian, and Claudia in somehow…

  6. There are more of us out there in the neighborhood, too! :)

  7. What if we were moving to get nearer to you? Would that be OK or would it just totally creep you out?

  8. i can’t even tell you how depressed i am over people moving…i’ve been in atlanta almost 13 years and have seen way too many good and best friends move away. it’s awful. i hate it. :(

  9. HAH !
    I’m moving.
    I’m just moving to punish you for moving previously.
    But since you already moved………….well, then, I guess it doesn’t bother you.

  10. I was going to say what Karly said!

    What if we move CLOSER?

    You need to specify.

  11. You know how you have friends IRL and then in Blogland and THEN they move on you? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

  12. I’ve never told any of my IRL friends about my Blogland citizenship. Is that weird?

  13. I only moved long enough to type this comment.

    (Now can you please say it’s OK for me to move again so that I can get up from my desk and go home soon?)

  14. Our next door neighbors are moving away… they have a 4 year old that Zoe plays with all the time. Boo hoo. I feel you.

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