How was Your Morning?

I’ve spent about three hours so far sitting on the side of the bathtub waiting for various children to pee or poop in the potty.

So far – nothing.

I have read about 12 books (mostly about Diego or Dora) and I’ve sung the ABC’s 40 or 50 times. I’ve looked up the Spanish words for bathtub, wall and potty at Claudia’s request (I remembered the words for bathroom, mirror and flower). I have cut toenails and removed splinters all without leaving the bathroom.

I don’t recommend sitting on the edge of the bathtub for this long. My back is really starting to hurt.

I love my laptop.

How was your morning?

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  1. Laptops rock.

    My morning was spent grocery shopping, it was actually interesting enough to merit a blog post which I will sit and type out later. Drop by if you are still in the bathroom. Hehehe.


  2. Well let see… Moving my Dad so very very sucks and does Ohio.., the girls are trying to see if they can stay up till we return home next week… so they are pretty hard to deal with and Did I mention my moving sucks?

  3. Well, if only the girls stayed on the potty for longer than, say, 15 seconds, maybe we’d have some progress on this potty training thing…

    But hours on the edge of the bathtub? That’s no fun, either.

    I spent the morning working, the girls are in daycare (oops, bad Daddy)

  4. You’re working too hard.

    Try to take them every once ina while vs making them sit there forever.

  5. egplnt21 says:

    While perhaps not convetional, we spent a weekend potty training our (then) almost three year old. We plunked her little potty down in front of the TV, put on Noggin and DVD’s, and filled her way up with juice boxes. Spent three days like this, and then had only a handful of accidents since–she’s now 4 and a half. She loves her some TV!

  6. i seriously cannot sit on the edge of the tub for more than 5 minutes. ouch.

  7. The timer is your friend. Mine are finally showing an interest. Mostly for sitting and reading, like yours. But I set the timer (knowing they probably won’t do anything anyway but the practice can’t hurt) so we’re not in there FOREVER. Have I told you how much I love my timer?

  8. I’ll potty train the squad. I could use the distraction right now.

  9. Just your back? What about your butt? My butt hurts just thinking about you sitting on the edge of the bathtub all morning.

  10. Still wallowing in my nasty germs, so I decided to sort and put into albums about 7 years of photographs. PMSL… I have pics EVERYWHERE. There’s also a child here somewhere I think. I’m sure he’s napping under a pile of pics under my desk. Either that or my pictures are snoring!

    Try spending 5 minutes out of every hour in the bathroom. That’s how I got Bowen trained. And we used an egg timer! He sat, I read, sometimes stuff came out, sometimes it didnt.

    Then one day I caught him racing to the loo with the timer in hand and a book under his arm. Here’s hoping they get it soon and you can live in the rest of the house :)

  11. You’re hanging out in the bathroom? That long? I ache in sympathy.

    You know, IMVHO, I think the only training that goes on WRT the potty is parental new habit of asking and frequently visiting the potty.

    I think the bladder works on its own timeline and is potty-learned when it’s time.

    But what do I know? I’ve only done this twice. That can’t be considered any sort of expertise. Plus, geez, I never encouraged it. They came to me and said, “Okay, I use potty now Mommy,” and thus commenced a trying period of time of rotating through potty-pullups-panties withone step forward, two back, two forward, one back and so forth.

  12. I attended three meetings and got my nails done. But I could go for a reading of a nice relaxing Dora, if you’re still in the mood.

  13. Good thing your butt didn’t fall asleep. Laptops in the bathroom? Comes in handy during prolonged bath time too.

  14. Oh man….must get laptop.

  15. I hated that part of the potty training. The faux patience plastered on my face. Better to just let them run around naked and try to catch it where it falls, sister.

  16. Oh wow, wish I had a laptop. It is funny that you posted about that because we are doing the EXACT same thing here. Amazing how you can watch them suck down an entire glass of juice then they can hold it forever. I am bribing mine with jelly beans and gum. So far it has stated to work with #1. But then again he was trained for a month a year ago and that didn’t last. I wish you luck, send some good vibes over here too.

  17. Five kids (had to potty train four of them). Trained them all in one day. I call it potty-training boot camp. You can’t go anywhere for 24 hours. Do not leave your house, keep them naked and have them clean up the mess they make on the floor (okay, we have all’s easier). Making that connection is key to sucess. “Oh look! Pee is coming out on to the floor…I better run to the bathroom!” Then I reward them with M&M’s until they are trained.

  18. Woohoo! You make parenting sound so fun…I can’t wait! I kid. I’m sure it’s all worth it. Right….right?

  19. Oh my morning is usually spent doing the same thing. Only my son will get off the potty to go take a dump in his underwear. It’s enough to make me pull out my hair.

  20. I’m still in my bathrobe, and it’s lunch time. I say it’s a good one.

  21. I had to leave in the middle of Gymboree for the first time today because my child was NOT listening in a very bad way! Then I called my husband and he also was having difficulty with the listening. (How many frickin’ two-year-olds do I have?!) Now I’m camped in front of my laptop, trying to catch up on blog reading and relax a little before I have to make calls to co-workers (who I assume will not listen very well either).

    grumble grumble growl

  22. We watched old sesame street videos on youtube, I convinced A to leave the house (which is getting harder and harder) and then had to convince her to leave playgroup (can we say difficulty with transitions?). Then again, now there is bread in the oven and it smells great. If you hop on a plane now, there might be a slice left when you got here.

  23. Ahh, good times. I spent many such an hour while Raisin was first potty training. Now, at least she’ll sit with a book for a while and I can do something else. Like change a diaper. :)

  24. Princess is 19 months old, and she has started pulling at her diaper after she’s gone “potty”. This morning, she came over to me, and yelled and pointed at her “dirty” diaper that was laying on the floor. I bought a potty chair this afternoon. I think that once they are telling you that they have gone, it’s bound to be soon enough for them to start learning to tell you when they have to go.
    Also, I don’t know if you are using a potty chair or just the regular potty, but the Prince did really well with his Nascar potty chair (i didn’t buy it). It made race car noises when he went. The Princess’s chair make Royal tunes or something like that. We haven’t used it yet. We’ll see.

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