Randomness Part 70

The gentlemen over at Kissing Suzy Kolber were able to combine my hatred for The Family Circus and my love for obscene sports humor in one post! (This conversation between Mike Vick and Arthur Blank is pretty funny too.)

Wow. I thought my potty training experience was getting goofy. Check out this post from Sweet Juniper – I’m not kidding it includes an illustration of Jesus pooping.

I’ve converted from Bloglines to Google Reader. This is how I’ve been reading my blogs lately. I’m still getting the hang of it, so you can imagine my surprise when I thought I was reading Dooce and I accidentally clicked on my feed for Drunk Athlete (shut up. What do you read?). Instead of Leta or Chuck I saw this picture and I was pretty confused for a minute.

We’re going to the circus today. Gabe’s parents and I are taking The Goon Squad on the Metro. Ian LOVES the train. These two have never seen clowns in real life before. This could be the best day they have ever had or a total nightmare. Wish us luck.

OH! I forgot to tell you. The day Claudia peed in the potty at school, Ian also peed in the potty. I love peer pressure. In a related story, who knows where I can find some Mickey Mouse underpants? He refuses the Spiderman pairs. (I don’t know why. He loves his Spiderman couch and fishing pole.)

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  1. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Mickey Mouse over Spiderman? As a 34-year old man who stopped wearing underoos about a year and a half ago, I have to admit that anyone who chooses Disney-based underwear over Marvel-based underwear is just….God….TOTALLY weird. I mean, seriously. Mickey Mouse? On your butt? No. Wrong. No. But Spiderman? The Hulk? Absolutely.

  2. As far as the clowns go, let the kids call the shots. Keep some distance between you guys and the clowns — any clown worth his/her salt will back away from a kid who’s scared. The bad ones try too hard to make kids love ’em and it always backfires. Back in the day when I was clowning, I used to act more scared of the kids who were scared of me, and that usually brought ’em around. If it didn’t, I just let it go, but you’d surprised at the number of parents who practically forced their frightened little ones on me. And berated them for being scared too!!

  3. I know it sounds obvious, but did you try the Disney Store for Mickey Mouse underwear? (I tried checking online, but they don’t have their full inventory, I’m guessing…)

  4. I’ve neve been so disturbed as I was when I saw Jesus cutting a turd. That begs the question, since Jesus was perfect, would he ever have gone #2? Woudln’t he have always eaten exactly the right amount and never had any waste?

  5. Lions and tigers and bears…oh, my! Hope you have a great time! :)

    Google Reader has saved my sanity with blog-reading…but it has also MADE me insane because I try to keep up with tooooo many things!

  6. I’m dreading potty training my toddler because of the insanely long and messy experience I had with my son.

    Putting it off until after 2. Maybe until after 3. High School?

  7. May the force be with you.

  8. I have a bloglines account and two google reader accounts. One day I’ll have it all straightened out.

  9. Instead of helping me figure out bloglines, I guess you will have to help me figure out Google Reader. Sarah helps me on all blog related figuring out if you haven’t figured that out already.

    At least I am fairly easy to figure out. Go figure.

  10. Hi Sarah…
    First of all, I immediately shared “Drunk Athlete” with my brother. He should get never-ending entertainment from that.

    Second, as a response to your comment… is there a way to search blogs for writers that are local? I haven’t figured out if I could do that.

  11. Google Reader rocks – thanks for the recommend.

  12. Why does that girl look like me at my 8th grade dance? I have a picture of me that looks just like that. No you can not have it. I totally get the not wanting Spider Man underpants, who wants a spider in their pants? Not this gal, nor Ian. Smart boy. How about some Spongebob pants, or you know, some cool chick w/ a lolly pop? Circus, bad…very bad. Unending cruelty…BTW, have you read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen? Put it on your list, it is good. Especially if you have been to the circus recently. Next time you go to TPA, take them to the Barnum and Bailey museum. Whatever you think of the circus, that place is cool, and it’s in our hometown. I am flu rambling, rambling. I love Dayquill. My boss is sending me home bc I am passing out on the keyboard trying to type this. Have I ever told you I love you man?

  13. We are going to Disney next weekend, I will look for the undies for you – I mean Ian.

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