An Open Love Letter

Dear Food and Wine Magazine,

My mom got Gabe a subscription to you for Christmas and now I can’t put you down.

I want you to know that I am not a magazine person. I am a book person, I am an internet person. I only read the paper online, but it’s not like that with you.  You give me pictures and recipies and pairings… I never set out to be a food and wine snob, but you are making it so easy!

All I ask from you is that you find a way for wine to have less empty calories. Any chance of that happening? If not, I understand. I will take your pairing suggestions anyway.
The wine store near my house wanted me to thank you too. They are making a killing off of me.



(Nobody asked me to say any of this or paid me to say this. I didn’t get anything for free – unless you count me usurping Gabe’s Christmas present as free. That being said, I will always accept free wine in the future if anybody wants to send me some. Seriously, anyone? Food and Wine? Wine Spectator? Mom? I am not proud.)

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  1. I always figured you for a Boonsfarm sort of girl. Strawberry Hill anyone?

  2. I’m a total Food&Wine whore along with Saveur, Gourmet and twenty other magazines. Be thankful you are only addicted to one.

  3. Oh I NEVER consider wine empty calories. Want the 10-point rationale?

    1. Wine relaxes you.
    2. When you are relaxed, you are less stressed, posibly even enjoying yourself.
    3. If you are really enjoying yourself, you might dance on tables. This is considered a workout.
    4. Even without any dancing, you are still less stressed.
    5. When less stressed, you lack that cortisol issue.
    6. This means you aren’t hanging onto fat.
    7. And you are burning calories.
    8. Plus you are drinking rather than eating.
    9. Thus saving calories.
    10. And in the end, losing weight.


    Love that magazine. I want to live in most of those photos.

  4. i got a free subscription to them and i do like the recipes and articles. but – can’t afford the wine yet, and coudn’t drink it if i could! :) you have my admiration!

  5. Do you swirl your glass and sniff the wine, too? I watched my sister-in-law do that at Christmas and laughed my ass off. I am not classy like that, I suppose. I just like the drunk factor. 😉

  6. De in D.C. says:

    A hint for those of you with Costco memberships? Their wine selection is actually truly amazing and runs 30-50% cheaper than other stores. I bought a bottle of 2003 Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc there for $13 and saw it the next week at Safeway for $29. I guess that’s more than 50%, lol.

    One more reason to

  7. De in D.C. says:

    oops, last line got cut off.

    (One more reason to heart Costco. I never have to drink 2 Buck Chuck again claiming that’s all I can afford!)

  8. I bet you didn’t know I sell wine for a living…

    Wanna be my friend?

    De in D.C. -Normal markup on Kim Crawford should be around $15 on a normal case buy. Higher Quantities will bring it down further. So you got a good deal.

  9. I too am a wine lover. I am also not too proud to accept wine as a gift…you know…just in case anyone was wondering.

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